Sinks power pc fun

so im collecting and having fun with powerpc and other risc based machines. these machines are a collection of computers i saw as a kid and was blown away my school had beige g3 and imac g3 machines untill i was in middle school it was really hard switching from os9.2.2 / osx 10.1 to xp. i did it anyways i was a poor.

now i have 2 g4 cubes a g4 mdd 1.25ghz*2 g5 quad 2.5ghz and xraid san 28tb

i have very fond memories of old powerpc macs and fun games.

working on my g5 quad i forced a 2013 open firmware image that was a full open command that were omitted by apple i havent played with much it boots and is veryyyy usable but i blew the watercooler pumps and need to replace them before i continue

i have installed many diffrent linux distros on the g5 void being my fave

i have also been working on porting deepin de DDE to ppc its taking some time
i help with deepin localization


Hi sink! FOund you!

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I would like to tell you have a g5 power pc tower, 2 x g4, and a few other old macs and apples now because of you.

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Ahhh!!! awesome you found me again! And awesome you got some ppc stuff you have to show me !

I’ve also gotten a bunch of new stuff and what not im moving so alot is all packed up right now

Ill post some pics and stuff soon thanks for reminding me this thread exists!


Middle of moving and new additions to the collection


jesus thats alot of computers lol