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Watched The Dark Knight Returns yesterday. imo still the best of the animated Batman movies. The comic is great too but so far whole arc spanning The Haunted Knight, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and When in Rome are my favorite. An animated movie series about them would be fucking awesome.
Watching Under the Red Hood now.

Huh, wouldya look at that…


I literally just accepted a new job. That said, I’ll have a look at the position. Do you have a link?


They briefly mentioned it on the WAN Show but is going to be a video on LTT about it also soon ish? here’'s the Google Form for applying for the position though.



That’s annoying.

That’s why I don’t apply. I don’t like submitting applications without knowing the requirements.

I threw some answers in there. I’ll see if I get a call back.

They’re going to be hard pressed to get anyone halfway decent with the questions they asked. Looks like they’re working on some cool tech, but tbh, they’re really not going about the hiring process the right way.

Not for the position they’re looking for.

For Low-skill (relatively) jobs, like editors and whatnot, that’s fine, hell, even for their finance people and writers, because of their audience, but their audience doesn’t mesh much with the position they’re trying to fill. They’ve been trying to fill this position for 6 months lol

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should send him a email and tell him your thoughts =P


Dear Mr. Sebastian,

Not Luke


INB4 Linus drops Floatplane… oh wait he did XD


My 1700 is finally getting some new work. 13 movies to transcode (and rip it first) is gonna take a while.

btw, is anyone interested in a dl code for Batman - Gotham by Gaslight? Needs a Flixster/Ultraviolet account and it’s in German (no idea about the movie itself though).


I’m going to try out the Anthem Open Demo.

Honestly haven’t paid any attention to the game. It will be interesting to see how it plays.


Film news:
Batman Beyond Animated Film Rumor turned out to be false.

I’m okay with this turning out not to be true because the idea of Will Freddie not being cast to voice a character he defined bothered me greatly.


Welp, that’s a long time to wait…



Only 1 more Bluray after this to rip, then transcode whenever I have time.
While the PC doesn’t slow down or even freeze with the 1700 while transcoding like the i3-4130 did, playing games is probably still to much.

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adjust the priority and/or affinity in task manager.


Meh. I’d rather let it run while I sleep or just watch a movie/browse the web. WoW is quite CPU-heavy (although terribly optimized).


Thoughts on the Anthem Open Demo after playing an hour:

Your character can talk and it does look like Bioware put thought into what is said inside the base. I have no idea how much you can customize your human but there are a lot of options for the suit. The problem there is it is not intuitive to figure out. You will figure it out but it may take a moment to figure out how to change the color versus the material.

Combat - You can use your powers at a pretty good interval. It doesn’t feel under or overpowered. The super is a super but it kinda felt meh to me. Yeah it does damage but a super is suppose to be I’m going to do a neat and powerful move. The dialogue for the mission outside the base I ignored it on the off chance I may decide to get the game and want to have a spoiler free experience for the story…

Controls - It took me a moment to figure out how to use the controls for the game. Once I got it I mastered it.

Playing with others - I guess Warframe prepared me to be awesome by default. I revived many of my teammates throughout the mission. I also defeated the majority of the enemies on my own. I also was the only person who took time to color the mech. I don’t blame the others for not doing that since it is a demo.

I do like that you don’t find out the gear you got till after the mission when you return to base. If I’m on a mission and I find new gear my instinct is to look to see if it is better than what I got. You do find out the rarity of the item when you first get it.

Overall, it seems alright but not enough to make me go buy it. On sale though I might be tempted.


inb4 EA finishes off Bioware…


its kind of its surreal looking back at LTT over the past 10 year and how their production and workflow has evolved. they’ve really come a long way as a company and you have to give them credit for that.


Side effect of playing Anthem… it made me want to go back and play Destiny 2.

I’m really curious to see what Bungie does with Destiny now that they fully own it and Activision no longer controls or has any say on it.

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Congrats :tada: thanks for putting up with us fucks for so long XD