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Started the transcoding session about 20min ago. 13 movies, each over an hour long and probably also an hour to transcode each, which would mean ~13h of transcoding. RIP.
Temps are okay-ish.
~63-65°C on the CPU
48-49°C on the chipset/VRM/socket
37-39°C on the RAM
31-33°C on the HDDs (55°C on the m.2)
35°C on the GPU (43°C/26°C on the GPU VRM)

Although, the CPU usage doesn’t really go to 100% (94-97% tops depending on the thread), even with priority set to high.

I wonder if it would make a difference if I had the video files on an SSD as opposed to the HDD they’re on now (5400rpm).

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Thanks for putting up with me for so long

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I used my steam gift card to but Wargroove.


lol… playing mount and blade again and fought the Rhodoks so many times, and beat them (and took over 80% of the land they have) that they finally sued for peace. i accepted… only because them raiding my towns was getting annoying. now i only have to fight the Khergit, because they randomly declared war on me. figures.
then again, its not like i can’t utterly destroy the Khergit as well, since my main army is 70 knights + some random archers and stuff, that are all the best trained they can be so i can face 400+ man enemy armies and win with my 100man one.
kindof rambling



Knights of The Old Republic Playthrough is going well. It helps that I still remember how and what to do in the game to get to where I need to go. I haven’t decided if my character is going to be evil or good. I’ll figure that out later.


lol, so much land.
also, this is what happens when fighting khergit… so many arrows, all the arrows…


Transcoding took ~15h (forgot that The Dark Knight Returns is over 2h long and that FLAC audio tracks also take longer).
Highest temp was 71° on the CPU followed by 52°C for the VRM. So…not bad but also not exceptional, considering it’s a NH-D15.


iirc that is around where the D15 should preform for a heavy sustained load. when compiling and hitting all cores my 1700 is usually around 65-70C which is well within margin.


71°C was the peak but when I was still awake I observed the CPU temps in a range from 62-66°C.

What OC are you running? Forgot to factor that in. The temps make much more sense with the heavy work load and OC in mind.


3.8GHz at 1.35V which is pretty much the limit of my 1700 anyway.




Dang it I didn’t want to find another series of books to add to my massive backlog but I did.

Let me talk about my backlog of books. I never intended for it to get large ever. However when I started focusing on writing the backlog slowly grew. It sits at over 200. No I’m not joking. It is that big: It covers comics, manga, and books. I slowly chip away at it. I may decide to do a speed read run soon to get it under control and to like ten.

I can speed read and still enjoy the story. However there are stories I like to study and take my time with.

End rambling.

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Not much. Playing some WoW and watching Assault on Arkham (again, just to make sure the transcode went well).

And on your side?


i figured out how to change a lot of the text in M&B and the results are amusing.
will have to play with this some more lol…
edit: updated a bit


This is the book I added to my long back log.

I do shift the reading list. I’m finishing the His Dark Materials trilogy.


Kinda having a Batman marathon now that the movies are ripped/transcoded.
Assault on Arkham seems fine. Didn’t what the whole movie cause I just watched it on Friday or Saturday.
Batman - Gotham by Gaslight goes back to Victorian times but instead of England it’s Gotham. You can probably guess who Batman is hunting in that setting. Personally I find the topic to be a bit meh. Seen too often in other shows/movies. But it has a nice twist and great quality from beginning to end.
Undecided which one comes next. Maybe The Killing Joke? Batman Vs Robin? There’s a few I’m not so interested in, mostly the ones set in the future (Batman Beyond) or where Batman has a sidekick (never been a fan of Robin, Nightwing, etc.; I like Batman best as a lone protector of Gotham). So maybe I’ll tackle those first and safe the ones I’m interested in more for after.


i … may have just delved into skyrim modded again…
100 mods later, i might be done, lmao
will fire it up and see if its broken after they are all configured.

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Just got off of work, gonna eat then work on the discourse tutorial


Only just recently woke up, for some reason I’ve been really exhausted recently and slept for 7-8 hours which is strange for me, that and i possibly have an important package coming today and really don’t want to risk missing it while sleeping.