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Now that my PC is working normal again it seems that my 2nd monitor is showing signs of age. Started buzzing a few days ago. My guess would be it’s some part on the integrated power supply. Not surprised as it’s pretty old (~9 years and used daily). If I have to replace it I’ll get some cheapo monitor that matches the resolution and size of my main monitor. Don’t wanna 200€+ for another monitor that came out 5 years ago.


don’t worry about it,



I’m afraid I don’t get it.


Wendell said it once on the news that if you need it bad enough you can get a monitor anywhere.


If you need it bad enough you can get anything anywhere.
My problem is matching the looks. 23.8cm and the bezel needs to be the same. There’s a bunch out there (Acer, Benq, etc) but the display quality is probably meh for the price (~100-130€).


I general don’t care about looks with my monitors being completely different sizes and aspect ratios, imo performance is more important than how it looks but thats just me.


Well, unless it has terrible colors/lighting/dead pixels for this particular monitor it’s not important, as it’s just my secondary monitor. Web browsing, movies. No gaming.

But I think I found some models that are even from Dell. Need to figure out if the price justifies getting a new version of the U2414H instead (as both that I found are still ~160€, and the U2417H is ~200€). Or just say “fuck it” again and buy something ~100€ disregarding looks.


Bad Blood was a bit meh.
Son of Batman reminded me why I can’t stand Damien.
Batman Vs Robin had more to it than I thought (just assuming with the title).

That leaves me only Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker and Superman / Batman - Apocalypse before I’ll watch The Killing Joke and Batman and Harley Quinn.
Not really interested in Superman…that boring boy scout. The short bits in The Dark Knight Returns were okay, just the right amount. But anything more…not a Superman fan at all.

Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker wasn’t bad either but besides having been retouched it shows its age. 4:3 aspect ratio, plain art style that almost feels sterile at times. The whole futuristic time ain’t really for me either. I prefer Batman alone and in “his” era.


So with the unboxing embargo lifted for the Vega 7 we can finally see the card and how its put together, unsurprisingly it doesn’t take 76 screws and a heatgun like the RTX cards XD

also the card uses a graphite thermal pad on the GPU core and HBM modules instead of traditional thermal paste so will be very interesting to see how that impacts thermals if at all.


Can always go used, I got my really nice HP 1920x1200 ips displays that way. 99% srgb and 6ms response which is a pretty nice for ips for $70 a piece. I ended up with 3 total. Only downsides were that they were old, so were quite heavy + ate 100watts of power each… But the things still work and are from 2007 lol.


In other news, I decided that with the way Disney is going with star wars… SWTOR is about as good as it’s going to get as far as games go, and in particular RPGs, so I can tolerate the fact that it’s an mmo … Or at least ignore the annoyances that I have that go with that kind of game.
With that said, it’s actually nowhere near as much of a godawful grind anymore (since I last played in 2015ish), so I can just play through the story lines (which is what I originally intended on doing when the first game came out lol). Ended up also getting 60days subscription because for $30 that isn’t terrible considering it unlocks every DLC for the game just by subscribing once.
Also the graphics… Well it’s an mmo. On the plus side it means I can run the game at High at 4k on my puny rx 580 4gb though :smiley:

Might post more about it later but since the games a semi- continuation of KoTOR might not. There’s so much content now it’s going to be a while for me to play through it all.
Also, the new dlc out later this year is going to be the Empire(sith) vs republic… I sense a KoTOR III esque thing. But … An mmo. K.


It has the smallest die of any AMD flagship since the Radeon HD 4870 from over a decade ago.

(The Lazy) #24834

Small dies are nice

(The Drunken Dragon) #24835

so Small > Big then

(The Lazy) #24836

in some situations yes

(The Drunken Dragon) #24837

was shitty math pun…

(The Lazy) #24838

thought you were trying to make a reference to small penises being better than big ones XD

(The Drunken Dragon) #24839

Lol, wouldn’t betray my own team like that


small but gurthy is all I’m saying.


I’m getting all nostalgic looking at the specs for the 4870. $299 launch price in June 2008, and 10 months later they released the improved and higher performance Radeon HD 4890 for $249. Totally different from today, where the RX 580 was $229 and then 19 months later they release the RX 590 for $279.