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The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

(Luke Brown) #24842

What’s up guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Lazy) #24843

Well look whos back

(Luke Brown) #24844

Well yeah, my bro signed up so I had to pop by to say hi.


Yay new people!
Or… returning. But either way :smiley:



Well after watching the central/eastern US hog all the snow they finally delivered some to the west coast. About damn time, I was about to ask for a refund on Winter.

(The Lazy) #24847

It was spring weather here in kansas a few days ago. Nice enough that i had to roll my windows down on the way to work


Same here. It has been above 50F and sunny for two weeks. My whole garden started budding out front.

-39 degree change over the last 24 hours.


There is a story in The Old Republic but there comes a point when it is no longer good vs evil and the story is only a little different. I’d rate what I played of the story as okay, good, meh, and mostly decentish.

I do have a character but I’m not logging back in to it.


main reason i picked it back up

it’s … easy now, to play the storylines and they are good ones mostly. the fact that its an mmo is… annoying, but it’s really not that different from how a modern KoTOR would be if it had multiplayer so meh?
but also i want something to sink my time into… played all other games i have over and over, except assassins creed origins which i put like 10 hours into but stopped playing because well, it’s assassins creed… the story is slightly different but the main game is pretty much the same :stuck_out_tongue:
also running the game at 4k, and streaming that at 1080p60 makes for a great stream quality. spoiler tag because minor spoilers in the clip if you play as a jedi.



was cleaning my pc a bit, noticed my rx 580 was sagging more than i wanted, so fixed it with an old notebook.

almost perfect size as well, the GPU is perfectly straight now.


INB4 the book catches fire :fire: XD


it’s just touching one of the plastic corners so there’s not even a risk of shock
[spoiler]i see the joke and i ignore it lol[/spoiler]


Even if it dies I still have the 4:3 1280x1024 monitor as a backup. As I have the tendency to overthink/worry about everything, I’ll just deal with it when it happens.


Like a tuna can?

(The Lazy) #24856

Had Japanese steak house :yum:
First asian meal ive felt fine after eating.

PS Fuck americans because outside the restaurant people who making very racist asian accents.


Asian food can be very hit or miss with me but I sure looks tasty though,

ye just fuck people like that in general, happens everywhere. When we go to China town in the city you get that all the time, even at University since the Chinese made up a fair amount of the people on the course and i would’ve expected better from University students. its just very disrespectful.


Fuck that looks delicious.

That’s ricist.

(The Lazy) #24859

Everytime i eat it, it messes with my stomach and i end up feeling like shit. Plus not a huge fan of the palette.

wasnt tee bad for like $35


have you had real Asian food much? or just the microwavable restaurant kinds lol (i.e. panda express and the like)

(The Drunken Dragon) #24861

Fuck you for making me laugh like that…

It’s a terrible joke… but it’s fucking funny