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(The Lazy) #24862

Not panda express but midwest asian food.



no wonder why you had issues with it lol
it’s literally just breaded chicken + a sauce that vaguely resembles something asian that its supposedly copying + sometimes fried rice thats not terrible

the above steak house you went to looks like actual asian food


For all in the picture?

(The Lazy) #24865

pretty much. Big ass bowl of rice, and ok sized steak & salmon with a little bit of mushroom, veg, and shrimp

(The Lazy) #24866

i lived in the middle of nowhere. The nearest walmart was nearly a hour away so i didnt have a choice. Lots of mexican food tho


not that that kind of food is bad if it’s cheap enough but it’s about as asian as frozen asian meals are (which can also be good, if cheap, but not really asian.)

(The Lazy) #24868

nothing was cheap lol. we used to pay $5 for a gallon of milk


Those are probably the most expensive in that meal.
Usually go with chicken (crispy and sweet&sour) and beef (ganbian). Sometimes duck as it is more expensive and can be hit and miss regarding the quality.

And fuck you for making me crave Asian food now :stuck_out_tongue:

But now that I think about it, I never had actual Japanese food (maki/sushi doesn’t count) I think. Just the standard westernized Chinese restaurant stuff.


That’s quite expensive. Kinda like some premium bio milk here.
(bio doesn’t mean shit, though. but companies put it on everything cause it sounds healthy and people think it means no harmful shit in/on it and pro-nature).

(The Lazy) #24871

No. Its called you didnt have much of a choice unless you felt like taking a 2.5 hour car trip


Gas money, time and cheaper milk VS expensive milk. Great choice.

(The Lazy) #24873

It used to be around $5/Gal there XD


I kinda miss those small grocery stores. They were maybe gas station shop sized and didn’t have a lot variety. Ultimately they were replaced by super markets and now that the EU enforces cash registers (receipt and I think connected to the ministry of finance), those small stores are almost just a rare relic from a different era.


We still have those almost everywhere, there’s like 5 within short walking distance from here and one thats like a 2 minute away, i mean there’s also a massive supermarket just beyond that too but we still.


Like those mom and pop grocery stores or more modern?


a little more modern, there locally run but most are franchises now


Then it’s not the kind we have/had here.

And if they had a section like this you hit the checkpot as a kid.
Cold cuts or leberkäse in a bread roll and either a Caprisun or Twist and Drink and one of those really dry and hard gums with a rub-on tattoo.


Well…The Killing Joke didn’t exactly meet my expectations. The ending was pretty disappointing. Guess I’ll stick with the comics as there are more of them than movies. And while some of them are really close to the source material (like The Dark Knight Returns), there’s always the possibility that some stuff was left out, creating holes.

(The Drunken Dragon) #24880

Oh boy… gonna be one of those days


Do you need recommendations on what to read for Batman? I could make a list of what to read that I’ve personally read and enjoyed. It wouldn’t take me that long.