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Thanks, but I still have some comics that I haven’t even touched yet. Still need to finish The Dark Knight Returns, then today I got The Dark Knight Strikes Again, tomorrow I’ll get The Dark Knight Returns - The Last Crusade and The Dark Knight - Master Race. Then there’s also Hush and Heart of Hush, The Killing Joke, The Man Who Laughs and Black Mirror on the shelf. Plus ~27GB of other Batman comics on my tablet.

I’ll try to read all of the ones not involving any sidekicks if possible. They just don’t click with me. I prefer Batman as the lone detective with only Alfred and Commissioner Gordon as his allies.

And the Batman Animation stuff is among the best of the whole Batman franchise. Batman and Harley Quinn definitely made up for the kinda disappointing ending of The Killing Joke. Thank fuck there’s a whole comic series about Harley Quinn in that setting (which I happen to have on one of my HDDs).


If you want to see how much work Remedy has done for Control… I really recommend you watch the following:


… So the monitor I brought into work has a dead pixel after 5 years of service. It had a good run. I can deal with it for now. 1 dead pixel on a monitor I use for work is something I can put up with for a very long time.

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Ive had 2 dead pixels in my life so far. One was on a cheap app laptop and a dead dixel on the elitebook.


only dead pixels I’ve ever had were on my old Samsung monitor and one on a television I hardly use anyone, though I generally have more issues with screen burn-in both on my old LG G5, my new G5 and my LG ultrawide monitor, I see a pattern emerging here :thinking:


Tried out Apex Legends… It’s actually pretty fun. Not that I play FPS games that much but this will probably be the FPS game I play for the foreseeable future, And not Quake Champions or whatever. Between Apex & SWTOR I’m set for a while :smiley:

Other than that HI


Rip. Electricity is getting more expensive. Up from 6,25c/kWh to 7,79c/kWh. Plus 3,59€ monthly fee from 1,25€. Considering going back to stock clock on my CPU.


RIP power companies do this all the time, ours went up not long ago to spite them saying it wouldn’t, going back down to stock is gonna be brutal though given the performance you have now :frowning:


The difference shouldn’t be that much in every day tasks. And I didn’t notice any huge performance boosts in WoW or other older games. Transcoding is a different matter but it’s not like I do that all day. Can just apply the OC again and go back to stock after it’s done.


Just a heads up the forum will be going offline in a couple of days for maintenance.

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Surprisingly no RGB

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just throw some of those waterproof led floater balls and you got yourself a party


Went to bed at ~7:30pm cause I had trouble keeping my eyes open. Woke up around midnight and can’t fall asleep anymore -_-

How y’all doin’?


doing alright, currently testing out my new UPS and putting it through its paces before its ready for use and whether the auto shutdown works correctly to poweroff the server in a low battery event. Also some fairly none scientific load testing, I get around 12 minutes on idle but apparently compiling Linux/running furmark estimates I’d get 1 minute of runtime XD

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Not much, just breathing


Keep at it. Eventually you’ll become a pro.

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That picture breaks my heart.


Memories of more care-free times?

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Got a second job at a temp agency. Should hopefully help pad out those paychecks and let me move out