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This will be fun today lol.


Nice, second as you have two jobs and still have to do your old one? hopefully should help a lot with those poor hours you were getting. This the same one you mentioned before and got invited to see them?

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Congratulations then, sounds like a really neat job and as you said should hopefully help you get your foot in the door for other opportunities later down the line :smiley:

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ye. The solder technician job is still in the air but this temp agency thing could work out well


oh right i slightly misunderstood then, its still huge improvement to before to get you where you want to be and good luck with the solder technician, hopefully that pans out.


Lol, as I expected Radeon VII is junk. At least for it’s current price anyway. Pretty much all the reviews said that.

I guess if you really need opencl compute it’s ok but otherwise lol


ye pretty much where we all thought, its a compute card being repurposed for gaming and AMD are still making a massive loss on this card so it really can’t be any cheaper too, plus the insane price of HBM and the VRM that thing uses really adds up.


Film Rumor:
A sequel to Mad Max Fury Road may finally be happening. The sequel would be stand alone like all the Mad Max films. Tom Hardy is contracted to play Max in at least two films. This is just a rumor but it is a rumor I want to happen as long as they let George Miller do whatever he wants. Also Junkie XL needs to score this new film because Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack is a masterpiece.
end rumor.


well, its a good thing theres other people doing this part, i did the driveway and such but there’s like 3-6’ of snowdrifts lol rip

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Meanwhile it was over 50F here today


yup. if it was that nice here i’d be having at least one if not more cigars but oh well.
i just hope it gets above freezing sometime soon so that going outside is tolerable.

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I just smoke in the house because homeowner :upside_down_face:


lol yup. and unlike cigarette (damn stinky chemical laden things) cigar/pipe smoke doesnt stick around much so it works out well.



Yes the following is a copy past of something I posted else where but it is important if you life RPG games.

Enderal is one of the best overhaul mods I played for Skyrim last year.

I put a solid 36 hours into the game. I even robbed the bank in the game for giggles because I was playing a roguish character.

Anyway on February 14 Enderal: Forgotten Stories Standalone will be released on steam.



What you need to know:

This is a standalone mod. You will need to own Skyrim one form of it either Skyrim or Skyrim Legendary Edition. A Skyrim Remaster version will come much later and is being worked on. This will be a total separate install.

This is completely legal. Bethesda gave permission for this to take place. This includes new content if you happened to play Enderal before. I personally am planning on playing this.

Understand the leveling system and spell system is different than Skyrim. It is pretty cool though.

It supports modding.

Who is this for:
People who like RPG games.


How about the ones that aren’t sold in packs? Just the tobacco for rolling yourself.


If it’s made by a cigarette company it’s the exact same stuff lol.
Cheap pipe tobacco is somewhat better… Though sometimes still can be bad.


And sometimes just the tobacco is actually worse than the cigarette from a pack. Maverick’s one of them. Stuff stinks like burnt rubber.
Although, generally the cigarette tobacco doesn’t stink and smoke as much as the ones from the pack. Can’t stand smoking packs anymore.


but… y tho
and they are asking $220 for it lol. i guess that isnt that bad… but it’s on lga 1150… because reasons?

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FTFY and me XD