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If only i had a PC :frowning:


A laptop is a kind of PC.

(The Lazy) #24924

a PC is just a stationary laptop


Mobility is just a state of mind and determination.


looks at my two Haf XM cases
Yup lol.
Damn things are great but a pain to move.
I keep them though because Haf X.


The buzzing from my 2nd monitor isn’t going anywhere. Tried changing the brightness as this was suggested as a possible solution to get rid of it. Nothing changed. It only goes away when I turn the monitor off. Might look for a new, cheap one.


My old Samsung monitor had a buzzing issue and it was caused by the speakers, if it has any try turning the volume down to 0 and see if it helps.


No speakers on that model.


Found a really cheap one. Specs are good and the 2 reviews I found on YT are promising. It’s an office monitor and I won’t be gaming on it. But 60hz 1080p IPS 23.8" (matching my U2414H) for ~117€ is pretty nice.


Just a reminder but the forum will be going offline for maintenance in just over an hour, I’ve already started doing some of the prep work but nothing will go offline until then.


For how long approximately?


It depends if anything goes wrong or not but it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours.


The maintenance went well and everything should be running as normal. Now to try and get a couple of hours sleep :sleeping:

(The Lazy) #24935

Forgive me for i have sinned. I bought a sonic game on a nintendo console

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not my fault sonic mania looked so fun :sob:






Would it be more or less of a sin if I played Sonic on a Sega emulator that is also running on the Nintendo Switch? XD

Mmm the forbidden fruit :yum:


(The Drunken Dragon) #24940

well you clearly got delivery or someone else made it… it still resembles pizza.


^ lel ye clearly I am incapable of making of such perfection or even anything that doesn’t resemble a cremated corpse.