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Matched the RGB and keycaps because why not. And the switches happen to be purple as well, lol.

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Is it fun?

Used to play Sonic a lot on the Sega Genesis


i may or may not like apex legends a lot… it’s been out for what a week and I have 26 hours in it already, lol.

also, the shotguns are awesome. instant kills if lucky and even if not still lots of damage up close. last game i had with a shotgun only:

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Its OG sonic but better in every way lol


I played the Division 2 Private Beta… nope. Definitely not buying. The create your own character system is terrible. I don’t mind what they did for the skills but I’m not interested in the series anymore.

I’m working on finishing the Forsaken Expansion Content for Destiny 2. I’ve stored my Year 1 gear that I’ll grind up much later when I hit the new light level cap.

Oh by the way Assassin’s Creed Oydssey is getting New Game Plus.

My KOTOR play through is going well.

Remedy is still working on Control. I’m still predicating fall. I’m beyond hype for this game. I need it yesterday but I can wait. I also believe it might be one of the few games I don’t make a Reshade for.

CD Projekt is still working on Cyberpunk. I’m still predicating it will not come out this year. 2020 or 2021 or 2022 is my guess.


Amazon is weird.
Got a comic book yesterday. The cardboard envelope was ripped open on one end (probably happened during shipping, I don’t suspect that anyone did this on purpose to get to the content). The top of the spine is damaged, there’s some dried shmoo on the cover and also some dust-like powder in a crease. Amazon customer support told me they’ll ship a replacement and that I can dispose of the book. Now I discovered that I got a shipping label for it to send it back.
Dispose or send it back? Which is it, Amazon?

On a different note: do people really wake up and feel refreshed? No matter how short or long I sleep, I never feel refreshed and full of energy. Or is this just some shit they show in movies?

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Ive always wondered the same. Always feel worse waking up then going to bed


nope, whenever i wake up I usually want to go back to sleep even if my body wouldn’t let me


Kinda makes me feel as if those scenes in movies are just some kind of propaganda or some shit. Like the bacon for breakfast thing.

People in movies sitting carefree in the kitchen during breakfast…feels like “this is what a normal life/family looks like. This is what you should aim for.” if there wasn’t all the drama and horror around it, like when they watch the news and suddenly they cut in for an emergency report cause some alien race attacks the earth (and always the US first).
Or if it’s a horror movie they still live those “following the book” lifestyle. Kind of an “uncanny valley” but for behaviour.

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My theory is that its because of our military

I do this at my grandmothers and its ok. Not the greatest thing ever but im a huge introvert.


Not a fan of social eating myself. If I have to (like when family comes over for christmas), I chow down the little I have on my plate and go to my room. Then eat when everyone’s gone.
When I went out with friends it was annoying too. I was usually the first to finish my food cause everyone else kept talking. Eating or talking, pick one and don’t let others wait 10 sec for a response cause you’re still stuffing food in your mouth.


this was fun… the same squad who downed me by punching me, i killed with an LMG… and punching two of them out because i ran out of ammo for said LMG rofl.

it’s too bad i wasn’t streaming the game i got 9 kills with a shotgun but oh well.


Because Intel released only two Broadwell CPUs on LGA1150. Both are overpriced when you can find them, with the i5 around $200 and the i7 around $320-$350 (basically MSRP). This is actually a damn good deal for anyone looking to max-out LGA1150 and have Skylake levels of performance with higher efficiency. Also, even with locked Broadwell you can push some of the bus clocks which can lead to L4 cache overclocks and higher performance.


Well I think I’m going to set up dual PCs again for streaming; Apex Legends performance tanks when trying to stream so. (Literally loses 40-70 FPS when I’m streaming). Which also gives me a reason to finally install my PNY SSD into that 2700x rig and install Windows on it lol…

Also HI. How’s everyone else doing?


Purple rig with the purple and blue keyboard because reasons.

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Have we lost you to the endless bullshit that is battle royale games


This one is free. And it’s Titanfall but not stupid, lol.
And I’m more playing it because bored than anything. To play any new games would require spending a fairly large chunk of money and I don’t feel like doing that so I’m playing SWTOR and Apex Legends for now.

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If one has Rocket League they are never bored. ~Boot’s words of wisdom

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A switch would be perfect for you then

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Ah yes a switch… for those rare trips out of my room to other rooms in the house :upside_down_face: