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(The Lazy) #24962

you could play rocket league anywhere

(The Drunken Dragon) #24963

This statement implies that I go places…

(The Lazy) #24964

So you dont goto the restroom?

(The Drunken Dragon) #24965

good point.

Guess I’ll get a switch :upside_down_face:

not really tho…


Not the greatest, not sound incredibly ranty and negative i’m just gonna say family trouble and its been a long day and leave it at that.

I really need a break from this shit though :disappointed:


…so I loaded an old save for Dragon Age Inquisition because I didn’t like that my character in that play through ended up alone. No. I do not except that realty for this character. It does require me to trudge through the game again but I’m doing out of loyalty to a character and not loyalty to the game.

(The Drunken Dragon) #24968

Freezing… ordered propane on Tuesday and they’ve yet to deliver it, even told them it was an emergency, but nope… gonna have to wait it out until Monday afternoon I suppose…

Just another reason I’m not relying on my brother to do anything for the house ever… he was supposed to have checked that and never did. Also checked the mailbox (another of what are supposed to be his responsibilities btw) to find bills for everything… including shutdown notices from national grid. I paid it, don’t worry lol, they printed them before I had sent in the payment which was before the due date, just annoying because if I hadn’t checked that we’d be SoL if I hadn’t already paid it.

Also a notice from the bank that a client’s check to pay me had bounced… good thing I have all their information and can just cash it when their refund comes in.

Good news is I have a new debit card finally which is nice. And tax season is in full swing so I’m rich for the time being.

(Legend) #24969

Enjoying my last days off before I go offshore for three weeks.


So ye this just happened

[spoiler]IMG_20190210_180615 [/spoiler]


revenge of the burnt pizza?

(The Drunken Dragon) #24972



My mother wanted some ice cream and it was rock soild so i applied force and the handle of the spoon broke off and the metal part at the end went right into my hand.

I’m at A&E now and is probably gonna be a long wait.


What is it with you and food?


Ye isn’t one of my strong points is it.


Will they have to cut off your hand?


Somehow I doubt it


How long will you have to wait?


2-3 hours

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #24980

oof, UK hospitals sound shitty