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Depends on how many patients they have and how severe their injuries are.
And still better than having to think about going or not going depending on your bank account.
Do I really need 10 fingers anyway?

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That only an issue for people with no insurance or shitty insurance, and most people get insurance through their employer as a benefit. That’s not to say that the US doesn’t have issues in the medical system ours is just bad in different ways for different people.


It’s just as bad when the insurance doesn’t cover a procedure you really need. And if going to another country, staying there a day before + few days after the procedure + hospital costs are lower than getting it done in your own country. That should never and nowhere be the case.

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All life saving procedures are covered, and hospitals are required to provide emergence medical services regardless of a persons financial status. The real issues are that the accounting department of American hospitals are in many cases a joke and even worse then that is prescription drugs cost which it the primary reason for inflated healthcare cost in the US. The bill for people who can’t pay for medical care often get passed on to the tax payers in the US


I’ll have to get back at this conversation tomorrow. Tired af and about to go to bed.

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Ok, sleep well

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Cant be worse than the US. Had to wait 3 hours for help when my sister busted my skull open.

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ye. $300 for a epipen is a bit much lol

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Wait time is heavy depended on state. basically is longer the shittier the state health system

Big Pharma is contains a bunch a greedy immoral assholoes

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Local rural hospital. Here in kansas it can very alot depending on where you live. West side its all shit and east side its pretty good with shit sprinkled in.


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Capitalism isn’t bad it just doesn’t factor in greedy

I don’t doubt it every state has good and bad parts just the ratio to good and bad varies, for example almost all of Mississippi is dog shit

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Not bad but in the quest for more profits there is only one direction to go


capitalism actually favors competition… however greed likes monopolies, so yeah lol

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Until people get involved.

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Partially why regulation exists, but no economic theory can account of individual psychology. Economic models and system assume all people are rational which it obviously not true.


but also did you read the whole thing lol

it’s pretty much a given people are greedy

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Which itself is a flaw. You should always assume the worst and hope for the best.



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Model are of ideal systems because they are the simplest to model.

All your trying to do is model what will happen good and bad don’t exist they are interpretations of the model not the model

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Capitalism fuck yeah!