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Rip UK


Just got back from the Hospital, cut was pretty fucking deep and was lucky it didn’t hit anything serious, they it stitched it up and told me to rest it for a couple of days.

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Goin lefty for awhile eh?


lol who said I wasn’t already flexing my left anyway XD


My landlord is outside blowing snow off his car while it’s snowing. Like, we have another 3 inches of snow coming tonight, there’s 8 inches on the ground already with ice under it from earlier this week. This dude is not driving anywhere because nothing is open.

Go inside you crazy fool.

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perhaps he got in an argument with the Mrs. and decided to do that to cool off :thinking:

Or he’s just a crazy old fool, idk…


The Mrs. lives in Moscow, he lives alone. He didn’t bother removing any of the snow from Friday when it wasn’t snowing, but now that it is he’s out there with his dinky little battery powered leaf blower.

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Who the fuck removes snow with a leaf blower!?


My landlord, apparently.


So that DAI old save… was from 56 minutes into the game. Yeah I’m practically replaying the whole game over. This replay will be slow though cause I’m focused on KOTOR. Then KOTOR II. Then Mass Effect Trilogy.


There used to be a backyard here somewhere…
Winter must not have gotten the message that January is over yet lol. Oh well.


That’s cause it ain’t over yet.

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The steam awards are in and only one of the games that won was released in 2018 and the dev of the year hasn’t even released a game in 4 years. This is further evidence that awards for video games and in general are stupid as all get up.


Because Steam its self is a market place the way I always saw it was what games and developers defined your year on the platform, sure the games may not have been released this year but may have had a huge uplift in player base at that time. Not saying this is perfect because you get in the situation where the same things could win every year and outliers like developers not doing anything and still winning but that’s what you get when its community driven.


PUBG winning GOTY
Skyrim (a 7yo game) winning Best VR
GTAV winning Labor of Love (over Stardew Valley which was made by a single person)
RS Siege winning Better with Friends
An Ass Creed game winning

The choices weren’t all that good to begin with with a lot of old games as nominees…

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Only one I agree with is Rocket League.

DE not getting Best Developer is criminal.

PUBG goty over MHW? Fuckin’ normies…

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Rocket League is the shit.


The stack of things to fix/diagnose/sell has grown even more… And this is just the laptops. Still have some Network switches and a couple other random things as well outside.
Old pile that I’ve already gone through

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It appears i have some fans XD


Job interview went well. Got some points on how to improve my interview skills and im moving onto the next stage. Hopefully i get the job. the $12/hr is going to be noice :smiley: