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It’s like new paint on a shitty car (the migration that is)


but its our shitty car and we love it.


Linus’ car new paint or real new paint?

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Would rather have a shitty car i own vs a nice one on loan

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Just about got my hoopty done, still probably several weeks out. Soon I’ll be pissing off all the neighbors with my open headers.


Your what?

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Slang for crappy car.


Epic Store has gotten more timed exclusives:


That lower cut Epic are taking is really stirring up the market for places like Steam, in all I don’t particularly mind it, more competition could be good for the developers/consumers? my only gripe with the Epic Games store right now though is the current lack of Linux support and stuff like proton.


There is a lot of misinformation out on Epic Store. I get the real concerns but a lot of people aren’t looking at the big picture and understanding how we got there.


It means even more fragmentation, though.
How long until every publisher has its own store or requires its own launcher?
In that regard the old retail-only distribution was better. You were able to get any game at any store (if they had it in stock) without having to keep track of launchers, accounts, etc.
That one Tomb Raider game caused a bit of a shit storm back then when it was announced as a timed exclusive for XBOne. It’s as if publishers don’t care about negative PR and they don’t need to with this kind of stuff cause their games will be bought anyway by the “buh ah wanna play deh gaim” crowd that jumps through hoops cause “that’s how it is nowadays, can’t do anything about it, bruh”.

Personally, I put those publishers on my ignore list (which ain’t too hard cause I rarely care for modern releases anymore).

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Well looks like I won’t be getting The Outer Worlds until a year after launch.


I’d take a little more fragmentation over less choice.

The market will dictate whether closed stores with their own monopolies are successful or not, you’ve already said you avoid those so your doing that already.

personally I’d want games to come to all or as many platforms as possible, can’t say I like timed exclusives much either but its still better than it not coming at all.

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This shouldn’t come at the expense of choice


I agree but that isn’t always possible. I liken it to consoles with their own closed market places. On PC I might have to go to either Steam, GOG, or Epic and can’t just install and be done with it but I get a choice of it being either cheaper or DRM free.


What do you mean “less choice”?
It’s not as if those games wouldn’t have been published if the Epic store didn’t exist. If a new store front can gather more and more publishers until it becomes the new “big thing” it’s only a matter of time until they increase their cut too.
Look at what’s becoming of Netflix.
I also wonder how long it will take until publishers are store hopping, ending a licensing contract with one store and give the selling rights to another store.
And I don’t see Deep Silver complain about the digital store fronts from Sony and Microsoft.

Then the market’s fubar. Microtransactions, loot boxes, in-game currency that can be bought with real currency, season passes, “what edition?” madness, low-effort/high profit annual iterations of the same IPs, pre-ordering, publishers trying new shady things (like Deus Ex Mankind Devided pre-order goals).
And they can do it because of lax/no regulations.

For me it’s just another reason to not bother with those games.
A whole year can be long enough for people to not give a fuck about it by the time it comes out.
Monster Hunter World wasn’t a timed exclusive for consoles. The release date was further back for PC (almost a year) because of development. And it still put a huge damper on my anticipation. Denuvo is what killed it for me, though.

That sentence also reminds me of Mighty No. 9 ("…it’s better than nothin.").

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That only thing I don’t like is it’s the use of exclusives regardless of length. The various store platforms should compete on value of the platform itself. Forcing me to use their platform to buy a game is no different then there being effectively one store in the market. I personally try and get games from GOG when possible because I like to actually own my games.

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Yo new forum, who dis?


Why would people choose a PS4 over an XBOne then if they have the exact same games?
Probably hardware. But a race to stay above the other in terms of performance is probably quite short. Especially as there’s a limit to how low you can make the price while still trying to outperform the competitor.

A monopoly where there’s only one console would be bad too. In theory it would be amazing to see what those companies could accomplish if they cooperated with each other, but that’ll never happen. Like sharing technology to improve their best departments (like Nintendo is pretty much the king of gaming on the go, but including Sony’s handheld department…oh boy).


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