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I like this name better


you all totally missed something with this title yesterday lol

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There should be no reason to pick one over the other (in terms of games) they’re both just boxes to play games and that the point. If companies want to differentiate their product from the competition they should focus on making a better product. Exclusives are just an artificial way to make your product seem better by using a FOMO strategy.

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Why get either when you can Google Stadia.



They’re not able to market them as such, though. Microsoft for one tried to market it as an entertainment system (port for cable TV and such, even addressing it as an entertainment device rather than a gaming console in their initial press conference). Sony had the upper hand with the PS3 as soon as BluRays won the fight against HD-DVDs, just like the PS2 with DVD playback, as a cheap alternative for an optical disc movie player (as it was a better bargain than a standalone player).

They need to be able to differentiate their product from others with exclusive features, which brings us back to exclusives.


All I’m saying is this forum has an aversion to spelling things properly

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That’s because they don’t have to currently with exclusives (They being Sony, Microsoft is switching to be cross-platform and service orientated so they no long count). Also Nintendo as done a great job at this with the switch. Yes, BotW was the primary way of shifting units at launch, but since then the switch has done so well because of the hybrid nature of the device.

Was a bad bet, but at least they tried.

Games are not a feature they are a separate product.

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In regards to myself, aversion and being bad at spelling are two different things


I blame @Main_Main as the main source of bad influence.

It’s a system seller, just like Halo was before for the XBox. Nintendo heavily relies on their exclusive IPs. For MS and Sony they’re not as important as they were in the past.

Both the PS3 and X360 could play DVDs but BR/HD-DVD were exclusives.
And so are certain games. I meant things one console has that the other doesn’t (in the same category). Not games being a feature.


Control is coming out August 27 on PC on EPIC [for 1 year], PS4, and XBOX ONE:

Yeah I’m getting it on Epic.


So I went for a walk to clear my head and ended up at the local gas station, while waiting to be served three Irish guys turned up, not sure if they were drunk or not but I could hardly understand what they were saying and what i could were them asking for buy my hat, bag and various other things i had on me, it was hilarious XD


Are you sure they wanted to buy your stuff?
The leprechaun gang situation is getting out of hand…


thats what they said, didn’t follow me or anything and it was all in the name fun and laughs.


Who really understands Gaelic, though?
One of my English teachers in high school was a fan of Ireland (culture, language, etc) and she admitted she had a really hard time learning Gaelic.
Maybe a constant daily dose of Guinness helps…

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Should have atleast tried to see what they were wanting to pay for it


whatever they offered it wasn’t worth it, I do really like this hat XD


I don’t really want to install Epic only because it attempts to save a local copy of your steam friends and recently played games.

I still need to get on testing that.

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Neat. No idea if this is a mod/admin thing


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