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Neat. These 2 posts will catch you up on whats been going on

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Is this a stock discourse install?

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Hi Novasty

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Yes. Need to reinstall a few plugins (Staff notes, BBcode, and a few others)


Interesting, dayum that happened during a stressful event for me.

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ye. Alot went on here. @wolfleben won the contest

We have a NSFW and politics category that is locked behind a opt-in group


I’ve already opted in to both.


Well RIP delivery.

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time to complain?


I honestly believe those concerns are valid. I can’t test for it because my Epic launcher is a dev build [cause I test for epic Unreal Engine] and I have no way of knowing if my version is the same or not. Epic has made some big misteps and they haven’t addressed the concerns really.

I’ve contacted my contact at Epic but I haven’t gotten anything back yet.


Supernatural is ending with Season 15

I okay with this. It has had a fun long run. I’ll also be able to watch the seasons on bluray [I own all the ones that are out] and it is great for rewatch.

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I finally got my warranty replacement for my broken controller after 5 and a half weeks. I would complain about the long time I had to wait, but considering if I had bought a first party pro controller I wouldn’t have even been able to get a replacement.

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It should have ended with season 5.
Anything past that is an insult to the show.


I consider everything after 5 as fluff. Some of the fluff is entertaining and good. Others were okay. But yeah season 1 to 5 are the only seasons that need to be watched.


I finished my 3rd replay of Dragon Age Inquisition. This game takes a a bit to replay. There is way too much dead areas [nothing happening, traveling]. I still believe the level designs are poorly designed. Now I can focus on replay of KOTOR, Granted won’t be doing too much replay. I’ll be focused on other things.


It’s probably not enough for a whole thread (or maybe it is?) but I’m curious what you guys carry around with you on a daily basis (often called EDC)?

For me it’s

  • keys
  • phone (Moto G 3 in a Supcase Unicorn Beetle)
  • Litexpress Pen Power 100 (soon to be replaced)
  • Leatherman Style CS + Freestyle
  • Bic lighter
  • no-name card holder
  • Fila wallet (fabric, holding up for ~15 years now)
  • Tombow pen/brush pen + small notebook
  • pack of tissues, glasses wipes
  • messenger bag


For me things I almost always have with me its:

  • keys
  • wallet with a hole in that I’m too lazy to replace
  • phone (LG G5)
  • messenger bag
  • usually some gum or mints
  • Inhaler
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • headphones (either in-ears or my AKGs but it depends)
  • also my power bank and volta cable so I can be the battery carrier for my family XD

Also my laptop and switch but I only take those if I’m going on a long journey or know I’ve got a lot of waiting to do.


Say…how crazy are the laws over there really right now, regarding “weapons” to carry around?
Read about a guy who got a whole tool box confiscated - which he needed for work. And another one where school kids handed over their scissors at school to some kind of “safety” officer.
At least here knives are fine as long as they’re not disguised as something else, meant for fighting (daggers, etc) or automatic knives. But you still get funny looks if you take out a pocket knife to cut something (like open a package) and it’s not some tiny Swiss army knife that.


I won’t ever risk taking a knife with me because if I’m stopped with one I’m almost certain to get in trouble. screwdriver is borderline but I could probably explain that away easy, e.g. I need it to repair my computer or something.


That’s just nuts.
What if you go hiking/camping? Knives are damn useful.