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What are you currently playing?


Still playing WoW.
Finally reached the content of the last expansion with my rogue.

Got the first of my 3 artifact weapons.


Ahahaha, I love those references in WoW.
The Westfall story line is like a CSI (Horatio Lane sends you investigating several murders), in Redridge Mountains you assemble a team and recruit John Keeshan (Rambo), Harrison Ford is your guy for archeology adventures and today I stumbled upon 2 agents names Smith and Jones (Men In Black).

(The Drunken Dragon) #23

I’ve been playing a lot of GTA:SA

and the usual suspects

  • carball
  • warframe
  • hearthstone

(The Lazy) #24

Is a fun game. Even more with cheat codes and mods. Still the best GTA game with GTA:V coming a very close second

(The Drunken Dragon) #25

I’m using so many cheat codes right now lol. No mods yet, I’d like to actually beat the damn thing once before I get too crazy with it (I had a fully vanilla playthrough going, just about to reach the las venturas/ bone county unlock when I had to do the computer upgrade… so that’s gone).

It’s really good, I’d say it’s tied for first with Vice City, followed by 5. I’ve yet to play 4 though and the only other gta I’ve played is 3 which isn’t even close to the aforementioned installments. I’ll probably play 4 after I finish up SA.


This is my internal struggle with GTA. I have a soft spot in my heart for Vice City because It was one of the only games I owned at the time and played it almost daily that I can’t even count the hours I put into it but from a gameplay standpoint GTA:SA is a masterpiece and probably one of the most defining games in the series for me.


The character control (slow reaction to changes in movement, like stopping and changing direction) drove me crazy. So with all the GTA games I owned I always ended up abandoning the story and cruising around to the rock soundtrack.

(The Drunken Dragon) #28

Yes it is, certainly the best story-wise. The reason I hold VC in such high regard is because it was the first GTA I played extensively, and the environment just felt so lively. A consequence of the small map of course, but at the same time, when you’re playing the game the map doesn’t feel as small as it really is. Unlike SA where the map is overwhelmingly large, and most of it is just nothing. I do wish 5 had San Fierro and Las Venturas along with Los Santos, but they probably would have certainly hit limitations if they wanted the same level of detail they ended up with.

(The Lazy) #29

forever and ever XD

Lol. same thing happened to me. I was lucky enough to save my game on accident though. Managed to beat the game for the first time XD

Hey Nicko, Its Roman. Wanna go bowling?

(The Lazy) #30

So do i but im glad they spent the time to add all of the little things that really make or break a game. Could spend hours just trying to find them all and not even get close.


Reached Lv.110 with my Voidelf Rogue today and unlocked the Heritage Armor set.
Looks pretty neat and matches this skin of the Assassination artifact weapon.



Pretty pissed right now.
This is also due to my own mistake but once you hit Lv.111 you can’t queue for the Dungeon Browser anymore and look for/create your own group to look for people to do dungeons with in the previous expansion.
I’m pissed because some quests require an item/bosskill in a dungeon and there are 0 people doing stuff from the old expansion it seems. I was looking forward to complete the story from my order hall but now that’s basically impossible.

Probably gonna create a new char (either level again or buy a boost to Lv.110), activate the experience stop (you can do that in Stormwind/Orgrimmar) so I can use the Dungeon Browser.

The mistake on my part was that this is how it worked in previous expansions too. Oversight on my part. But it’s still very inconvenient for people who want to play the whole content of a previous expansion. A warning popping up would be nice once you reach Lv.110 so you don’t miss out on the rest of the content.


Finally said fuck it with the content of Legion in WoW.
Blizzard really didn’t think this through when they designed some quest lines to require you to get items/kills bosses in dungeons/raids. Waiting times for the dungeon browser are terrible and there’s not a chance to get a group big enough for a raid.
And the last part of the quest for my rogue’s mount is total bullshit. With every expansion the guards in the cities get upped to the level cap which means as a Lv.110 character you stand maybe 3 seconds against a guard. And the quest requires me to kill an NPC in the auction house of the opposite faction -> tons of guards. I can get 3 hits on the NPC before a guard kills me. Not doable in this state.

So now I’m moving on to the Battle for Azeroth content as I got most of the stuff done in Legion.


i think someone is going to eventually declare war on me (currently am allied lol)

(The Lazy) #35

Lel. Looks like the french defending the france-german border XD


Still WoW.
Blizzard either rushed Battle for Azeroth or did some mistakes focusing on some aspects.

The replacement for artifact weapons
Artifact weapons made it unnecessary in Legion to look for weapons. You got the first (unlocking the ones for your other specs while leveling) right at the beginning of the expansion. They were well thought out, were based on known weapons from the lore and added a lot to the talents and abilities, making them more rounded and more fun using them (and unlocking them by leveling your artifact weapons with artifact power).

Now in BfA you have to look for new weapons again and they’re rare as it takes luck for them to drop from certain bosses or you have to wait for weeks (!!!) until a world quest is up that rewards one. If you need 2 weapons or a weapon and a shield…well, you have to do double the grind.

The replacement for the “artifact power” grind is the Azerite amulet. It is nothing but a sink for “azerite power”. You need to level it up enough to be able to unlock the Azerite traits in your chest, shoulders and head gear. Now you not only have to farm for weapons/shields but those pieces of gear with the right Azerite traits too AND level up your Azerite amulet to be able to use those traits.

It sucks. I’m not happy with it at all. But that’s how it is.

They’ve been treated poorly for a while now. “Back in the day” you used them to get gear, trinkets, rings, flasks, etc that would help you WHILE leveling and provide you with some of the best gear for end content.
Now they’re useless for leveling.
The worst part though, and I’m pissed about this, is that you need to grind Mythic+ dungeons (there’s normal, heoric and mythic difficulties for dungeons, and you can’t just use the dungeon browser to get automatically put in a group with 4 other players, you have to look for them yourself and a lot of people tend to now play Mythic+ with people they don’t know) and the only raid in the game to get some really rare materials for crafting (in some cases 250 of some stuff and you can only get that much PER WEEK if you play all 3 difficulties.
I don’t do Mythic+. I don’t farm raids (I’ll do them with the LFR - raid browser - for quests and to see it at least once for the story). I’m not willing to farm for weeks on difficulties I’m not comfortable with.
Until today I skilled up skinning and leatherworking and enjoyed it. But now that I need those materials I’m done with it. Switched to a profession that doesn’t need to farm mats in those difficulties (herbalism + inscribition).

But yeah, I still play WoW. And still my rogue but I’m going to level up my mage too (mainly cause I want to level up my skills in enchanting and sewing for enchants and bags).
And I’ve been refusing to play a warrior for a long time now as they always seemed kinda bland/uninspired as a class but I’m kind of getting the itch to level one.


I’ve changed production professions twice now in WoW (leatherworking -> inscription -> alchemy). So far none of them really felt “satisfying”.
Switched to alchemy now cause then potions and flasks actually have some use for me and they’re selling better than contracts and tomes from inscription.
The fact that I maxed 4 professions so far already (leatherworking/skinning, herbalism/inscription) and already have 93/150 skill points in alchemy should tell you that it’s not really hard to max them out. Which is very disappointing.

The quests for professions are okay (the lore behind each herb was nice, someone put a lot of thought into that) but not outstanding. Have to do dungeons to get some quest items again (not bad, at least it’s only dungeons and not the raid).
Prices for materials are insane. With inscription you grind herbs into pigments for ink. Each herb would give you (I t hink random) some pigments (blue = common, red = uncommon, green = rare). So I’d just buy the cheapest one from the auction house but with alchemy potions and flasks need specific herbs. Gathering them yourself is a better alternative if you don’t want to go broke.

(The Drunken Dragon) #38

Well I beat NFS:MW (2005) Black edition, may decide to 100% it at some point, just gotta get the rap sheet stuff done now.

Also been playing quite a bit of American Truck Simulator, added a bunch of mods last night to make it a bit more interesting and to speed up progression a bit. I do enjoy grinding, but there’s a limit.

And the standard games I always play

  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone
  • Warframe (albeit much less than I used to)

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #39

On the Switch

  • ARMS
  • Paladins

On the PC

  • Replayed To The Moon (Cried in the process)
  • Orwell ('twas good)
  • Crusader King II

That about covers everything I’ve played in the last 2 months.

(The Lazy) #40

Got a switch for christmas and been pouring my hours into Breath of the Wild (BOTW). Told the quests to fuck off and just been roaming around for the most part. Might do the quest but i might also just burn down a forest. Whatever i feel like doing at the time.

Also been sidelineing Mario+Rabbid Kingdom Battle (Mario - XCOM love child. Amazing game), and mario oddessy.