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What are you currently playing?


also this though have kinda been following the story and discovering far flung parts of the map i haven’t been to before, though Gannon is fucking getting whats coming to him soon enough XD

Mario+Rabbid is great, its all the tactics game you could ever want on a handheld, they really did a good job with it. I would’ve challenged you to the versus mode too but its local multiplayer only.

Apart from that I’ve also been playing a fair bit of Mario Kart trying to beat my lap times an shit and some csgo for good measure.


Dragon Age Inquisition - This is the 2nd time I’ve ever played it. There are some good story bits but because of other things it becomes just an okay thing. After this I plan to play the Mass Effect Trilogy for a 14th time, all three of them have been modded with graphic overhauls. This 2nd play through of DAI will be my last one. Part of the big reason is there is a lot of wasted space and it takes a bit to do the story quest.

Fallout 4 - 3rd playthrough. Very heavily modded. Character will be keeping a journal in the game on a daily basis. Also have to eat and sleep but not in the annoying way… more like it is optional for my character to do it.

Saints Row 2 - I finally got it stable so it doesn’t crash on pc anymore. Yeah this game is still fun.

Warframe - Yeah this game is still pretty good.

Elite Dangerous - Technically I still play it… though my character is still at the same port and has been there for four years.


Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (now DRM-free from GoG on sale)


Might need a new rechargeable battery pack for my controller. Charged it up 2 days ago after a long time of not using it and it disconnected twice already after only a few minutes of playing.


Switched to Darksiders I - Warmastered Edition.
Gonna try finish this motherfucker and not toss it aside when I’m close to the end (I suck at portal puzzles…they give me a headache).


Edit: Got the first one of the chosen ones down.


forgot how insane Cossacks 3 can get lol… 500+ units per player can get… interesting.
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At the 2nd big boss in Darksiders.


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Waiting for people at work to catch up. The only game on my phone.



What other game could you possible want on a phone if you already have Vice City.


The 3rd big boss in Darksiders is the coolest imo.
The Stygian is one big bad worm.


decided to fire up KoTOR II in 4k on a whim and its glorious
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went all out for the skyrim mods…

the original, high quality screenshots are 4k and are 24MB each, rofl… these are converted to jpg so they look a lot less nice but… meh.

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Kingdoms of Amalur
Starting with a new character. Lets see how far I can get until I toss it to the side like I did with Darksiders…

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I stole a police car and the good ole glitch where the game spawns like entities went haywire lol

Then had some fun doing flips.

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Played half life 1 start to finish. Started with Black Mesa which was really well done. It stops at the end of Lambda Core then I picked up the remainder with the original hl1. Black mesa is supposed to have zen and final release this summer. I’ll probably replay zen just to see whattheyve done with it.

Now I’m on hl2 about half done, then hopefully ep 1 and 2.

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Is soo much hype with it. Final level is getting a final art pass so its super close to being released. (Week 3-4 of june probably)

They completely redid it. Is almost 6-7 hours worth of new stuff incoming

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That’s awesome, about doubling the play time of the last few levels.

Having a lot of fun with it, havent played any of them for probably 8 years or more. Hoping for a new addition after the valve index is released.


It has already been confirmed that the next Half Life game is HLVR, they’ve been working on it for a long time and also Boneworks which is very much in the vein of what I’d expect a Half Life game in VR to be and its on the master list, the only none Valve game todo so and looks very interesting.

As for more traditional Half Life games there are community projects in the works such as Project Borealis and Boreal-Alyph which are based on Epistle 3.

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