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Finished Kakegurui yesterday. It’s about a private school where the kids of the rich and powerful are going to, that focuses entirely on gambling - be it with money or even lives. The center of attention is a new transfer student by the name of Yumeko Jabami.

Kinda has its ups and downs, going from “shit’s totes cray-cray fucked up” to “that might even be wholesome”.
I enjoyed it and look forward to the next season which is currently airing in Japan.

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This show is wonderfully wholesome. Episode 3 hits you in the feels real hard :sob:


Uhm…lets see. What did I watch since the last update?

Finished 3-gatsu no Lion. The last episode was crap and didn’t give the show (or even the season) a proper ending. Otherwise it was very nice.

Also finished Tonagura again.

Now I’m watching Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. Looks wholesome af but it’s pretty weird.

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The harder to explain the better


I mean, it looks like an innocent and wholesome anime. MyAnimeList lists comedy, fantasy and seinen (for young males) as genres. But it’s actually kinda dark and has some weird humor.

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It’s bullshit that most anime are only 12 episodes now, I NEED MORE EPISODES PER SEASON!!!


They can do 24 episodes but it still counts as one season. It’s still 1ep per week.

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True but even 24 episode seasons are becoming rare

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Were they ever common? Most shows only air for 12-13 episodes a season, even for like regular tv shows.

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Sitcoms tend to be longer with dramas being shorter. Most shows ive seen where ive payed attention to the seasons are typically 7-14 episodes

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All one, but the shows I’ve seen that aired before about 2010 are between 24-60ish episodes, Since then pretty much every things been 12 episodes. Granted looking back at those shows, especially the ones from the 90s and mid 2000s the genres of those shows aren’t currently popular. But my issues is less having single seasons of 12 episodes and more that many shows have only 12 episodes and finish in an incomplete state.


Short bursts and if the numbers aren’t high enough -> axe it, move on making the next show.

Log Horizon got 2x 25ep seasons with enough story building up for another one. Yet it never got another season.
Nyan Koi even teased/announced another season and never got one.
Nisekoi has enough source material for another season.

There’s lots of anime that never got another season for various reasons. I guess the most common reason is not getting a budget approved.

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You have to go back and look at the entire season(s) rather than just the shows you’ve seen in order to get the real statistics of just how many or what percentage of shows have the longer seasons. I would think it’s about the same, but when I get some free time I’ll go back and look.

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Using myanimelist I went back to see show lengths of of a few years. 1995 the shortest show listed was 20 and most were either 26 episodes or 50ish episodes. Looking at 2000 there were show of 13 episodes but most were still 24 or more. 2005 was about the same as 2000. By 2010 12 episode shows were more common then longer ones, but there were still several of 24 or more episodes. 2015 had the same trend as 2010. In general the volume of shows has greatly increased, but the average length has decreased.

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Another thing is, the source material for the shows that are airing now are so recent that oftentimes they only have 12 or 13 episodes worth of material in total by the time they get an anime. Also, seems the market is wanting shorter series over in Japan (the only market that maters in the industry unfortunately) outside of the shounen trash shows like naruto/boruto and black clover. With there being about 50% more animes airing per season compared to early 2000s they have to do whatever they can to build hype and sales, which is why some series end on cliffhangers now, also seems they are trying to promote the source material with the anime rather than have the anime be a full adaptation. There are a lot of different forces at play here, and on this side of the lake we get stuck with whatever they decide to do with pretty much no influence unfortunately.

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That’s what I think it mostly is as there have been many popular shows that don’t get a second season even though one would be successful. I think this will happen to Slime for example even though the source material is completely finished.

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Best anime of the season

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This is

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I respect your right to be wrong.


Mob Psycho 100 S2 was okay. Same quality as S1 but the ending was imo a bit anticlimactic.

The Rising of the Shield Hero showed that there are some really good shows in the isekai genre. Really looking forward to the rest of the 25 episodes (which I will again wait out until they finished airing and then binge).

I’m still kinda hesitant to watch Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. While I really enjoy So I’m a Spider, so what?, I’m not really interested in isekais where the MC gets reincarnated as a non-human.

Food Wars chapters are still dragging on with that annoying arc and I sure hope the next one will be better. If it ends with this one then I’m fine with it too. Better than the story getting worse.

Still reading The Devil is a Part-Timer! and finally reaching the part where the anime ends so I’ll get content that is new to me.

Might read D-Frag from the start cause now so much time has passed that I don’t know what’s going on and forgot what happened when I stopped.