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(The Drunken Dragon) #221

So, my problem with this series is the pacing is way too fast and it’s too playful. Like the mood of the show itself is fine, playful is acceptable for the stuff that’s not serious. The problem arises when they try to do something really serious and it just doesn’t feel that way.

The pacing is also off, it just feels like they’re plowing through the story rather than really telling the story. It could’ve easily been 3 12 episode seasons and I feel that would’ve served it better. Like DBZ has filler, while this show seemingly glosses over some actually important parts. And on top of all that, it feels too easy. I get having an OP MC, look at mob or one punch. But, even in those shows there’s some element of suspense in their battles. With this one it doesn’t have that element.

All those problems aside I still rated it an 8 so it’s a good show, and an enjoyable one. I just think they could’ve and should’ve done better with it.


How many adaptions are really high quality, close to the source material nowadays? Maybe those studios are thinking “okay, let’s get as much as possible covered in one season, just in case we don’t get funding for another season approved”. Or maybe the target audience doesn’t have that long of an attention span and drops a show when it takes “too long”.

(The Drunken Dragon) #223

Oh it’s definitely getting another season. Has 2 extras, a special, and an OVA already. They’re really milking the crap out of this show imo.


Until they catch up with the source material.
This really annoys me with Overlord. The manga still hasn’t caught up with the anime and I don’t know how much of the LNs the anime has covered.


Thought I could share my updated collection here too:


I’ve been rewatching some shows recently but tried the Engl. dub instead of Jap.

  • No Game No Life
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer!
  • Konosuba (only S1 with Engl. dub)
  • DanMachi + Sword Oratorio
  • Watamote (I only skipped through this one cause it’s so cringey)
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Wotaku (Jap. dub)

Now I have Grimoire of Zero queued up.
I’m trying to replace more of the regular Jap. dub + Engl. sub shows with dual audio versions.

For manga…
I recently caught up to the latest chapter with The Devil is a Part-Timer! which isn’t necessarily a good thing for me. I really really like this series and the next volume won’t come out until September. It was one of my personal equivalents to comfort food.
I’m also keeping up to date with most other series (Goblin Slayer + Side Story: Year One + Brand New Day, Food Wars, DanMachi, etc), but in I’m not sure which manga to tackle next for my long-term reading. I have Barakamon on my pile but it’s also one of my comfort foods, so I’m hesitant to read that until I get another one of those. I want to avoid this “shit, I finished it. now what?” feeling.

(The Drunken Dragon) #227


Excellent show. Anime depicts her anxiety better than the manga, but manga goes far beyond what the anime has to offer. It’s a real shame this never got more seasons because the progression of the story is excellent, and unfortunately it feels like the manga will end soon.


I’m just not in the mood for anything new. And it’s also easier to follow while playing games.