Post what new thing you acquired recently

Not yet I’m gonna see how it goes first. from the GN video on it the sound different doesn’t seem like that much plus I’d be using headphones with it 99% of the time anyway so I may not even notice.


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Yup, that’s me.
And buying games on sale. and never playing them.
Or like the people who buy 3090s and i9s and then playing Terraria or other pixel games.Or Zorg.

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Small (big) update regarding my recent purchase:

Amazon and local postal service were being dickheads on Saturday and updated the tracking info to “delivery probably on Aug 29-30”. And it was past noon which is usually too late (parcels usually start getting delivered before noon, if it’s past noon and the tracking info hasn’t changed to “out for delivery” it’s not gonna be delivered that day).

Long story short: cancelled the LG 27GN850 from Amazon and bought a LG 27GP850-B (successor to the other one with some nice changes AND I got it 20€ cheaper than the GN). GPU still arrived.
Pros of the successor: cheaper, 2x HDMI + 1x DP + 2x USB 3.something, HDR400 instead of HDR10 (still no local dimming so HDR is probably gonna be kinda meh).

(that run of Time Spy with the 6700 XT was with the old monitor, hence the 1080p resolution)

Spent like 6h installing the new GPU, uninstalling drivers, installing new drivers, some - much needed but didn’t completely go through with it - cable management behind my desk.

And the monitor works, so far it’s been great.
BUT…the mounting plate of my monitor arm doesn’t fit into the recess on the back of the monitor (the screw holes aren’t flush with the backside, LG uses the same mounting mechanism for their stands like Dell where it hooks and snaps into place).
So…what are my options? For now I’m using the monitor stand it came with. Not like I have a choice.
I could:

  • buy some VESA screw and spacer kit (no idea if they will fit and that I don’t have to stack spacers/washers).
  • buy some overpriced adapter plate (75->100) and use it to mount the 100x100 monitor to the 75x75 on the monitor arm (it has holes for both 75 and 100). same issue not knowing if the height of the adapter plate is enough to make up for the recess depth.
  • look for a cheap monitor arm that has a mounting plate and get 2 (not much sense leaving the 2nd monitor on the dual arm).
  • shell out some more money and get 2x Ergotron LX (160€ each).

Yup. Already burning a hole in my wallet this month. I ordered the 2x Ergotron LX (since one of the weebs confirmed they fit with a similar LG monitor).


I have an Ergotron arm with my LG monitor. well its acutally a duel Ergotron arm but with amazon basics branding and it works great with the monitor. its currently 163€ right now if your setup can support a duel arm single mount and could save some money

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Damn. That price really is tempting. But I vowed to myself to not buy Amazon Basics stuff cause I have a strong feeling that they’re often just cheap knockoffs or stolen designs.
Some answered questions further down confirm my suspicion that they’re not the exact same product with just a different brand name (feels like cheaper quality but that could be the finish, Ergotron accessories don’t fit cause the holes don’t align properly, and no 10y warranty). One of the reviews stated that 27" monitors don’t fit which I found odd. A glance at the submitted pictures showed that both arms had a length missing (I assume the one with the gas spring in it). So they either didn’t use it (it’s Amazon customers, sometimes they’re not the brightest) or the factory forgot to put them in the box (if you have to assemble them yourself, or some factory worker forgot to install them).

Is it stupid to spend double the amount when there’s (very) similar alternatives? Especially when it’s very likely that it is just a rebrand. Yes. Maybe. idk. Depends on why one is willing to spend that much more, I guess.
But I kinda wanted to go dual single arms for a while (never really had any reason when the one I have works fine), cause it makes them more versatile like if you want to space out the weight on the desk or for better positioning. The Amazon Basics single arm would be 110€. 50€ more for a 10y warranty ain’t too bad…imo.
Am I desperately trying to come up with reasons to justify my money spending: sort of. I hate spending that much money but I want stuff that lasts (10y warranty Ergotron vs 1y warranty Amazon Basics). And I do admit it feels nice to replace old stuff.

Hm…I could use the old dual arm and get my grandma a dual monitor setup. We still have a spare 21" laying around.

Oh, and I just changed my order to the aluminum colored version. looks nicer, imo.

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The Steam Deck, triggers and 512GB SSD I ordered all arrived on the same day


atleast you can install 5 games

made a small pizza throw pillow/plush from a dog toy by removing the squeaker lol

been workin on a old saw a little bit at a time but shiz can be fiddly and when you dont have documentation for stuff gets complicated, like this one has 2 screws for adjusting the air/fuel mix, if you unscrew them it will just leak fuel out the hole, has to be within like 1/4~1/2 turn or prolly not work at all, so gotta online research about some the stuff.

also had to install a new kill switch since other one broke/was missin but it had a rectangle hole and worked out good for the cheapass switch, even matches color scheme mostly, just the 1 and 0 is backwards, since 1 is short the spark to ground instead of the sparkplug, but has legible cast in lettering on the handle frame i installed it in that orientation

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Falco - Falco 60 (2 discs)

Aptis Certificate in Business English

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your English is better than some native speakers i know lol

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And yet I’m still not able to tell you which tense is which :joy: Neither in English nor in German.

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but can you tell whether a pencil is feminine or masculine in german?

Der Bleistift. (masculine)
But I don’t know if that’s still appropriate.

was a dumb language joke lol, whole der die das whatever

kinda eyeing the gpd micro idk, as like a portable media server, i mean they got stick computers would be an option but it is fairly compact, and has ports, so i could do like usb kb/mouse remote thing, and plug in a external drive, with built in kb/mouse screen and what not to be able to diagnose/set stuff up ahead of time, surf web or something while stuff plays on other monitor maybe

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Got a DAC to plug in my IEM into the Iphone for when I listen to Audiobooks/Podcast. Also if I got back to Android I can also use it with that.


ended up doin da gpd thingie, wasnt findin any cheaper box ones that had 265(meaningfully cheaper if i had to get a separate portable monitor etc drives up cost)

the other 300$ thing was pretty good option but found gpd for not that much more rather pay like 60$ more to get better form factor ands more io

keyboard kinda cool like the cap shapes(pretty sure just dome or whatever not looked particularly) has that slightly angle like regular non chiclet style kb used to have only one weird is the space bar has like 2 switches one at each end so if you click the middle can feel them both go usually at not the same time and feels weird like double click feel, but it does register as just one press, but those feel different anyways alot of the time like extra spring or whatever cause huge keycap compared to the regular keys

just them couple little things to get screen rotation and stuff(treated as like phone screen thats 720x1280 tall so gotta rotate right 90 degrees if its not doin it automatically)

otherwise only thing was cable it came with was eh for the usbc-usbc charge had to get a new one was like if it was in right position would work but tried with like phone charger and worked fine even if wiggled cable around never lost connection, but one them direct from over sea deals where the vendor just swaps in a charger or whatever for your region so not expecting the best setup for that

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Got some new shows. Was looking for new winter boots but the options were…meh. Store had 20% off on all shoes (except already discounted ones) and these fit well.

Skechers…don’t ask me what model. They seem to be exclusive to the Deichmann shoe stores as I couldn’t find anything about them. SN doesn’t bring up anything. All I know is they’re supposed to be machine washable, have memory form inner soles and Goodyear outer soles. Need to see how they fare long term but they’re light and comfy.


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Some Audio CDs

Danko Jones - Power Trio

edit: cancelled that one cause I found a limited fan pack which includes a tshirt.

Danko Jones - Wild Cat

Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones - Below the Belt

Danko Jones - Never too loud

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Geekria HD 598 (and various other models) Velour ear pads.

While cheap (~16€) they feel terrible, so I’m sending them back. The velvet ones seem to be less comfy and smaller than the originals too, so not really an option (especially if the originals only cost a little bit more).
Unfortunately Sennheiser doesn’t seem to have any ear pads in stock right now and the black ones for my HD 598sr aren’t available at all anymore. Contacted their support to see if there are alternatives.


that sucks, got a wet ass peggy sticker to put on my gpd lol


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Rammstein Singles (Zeit, Angst and Adieu)