Post what new thing you acquired recently

As long as I don’t get USB 2.0 speeds I’m fine with it.

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Danko Jones - Electric Sounds

The Curse of La Llorona

And some clothes…

Boss suit pants

Boss vest

Seidensticker shirt

Eterna red tie

Red Socks (Falke, Kashmir)
Simple black leather belt

Why? Cause the last time I had to wear something non-casual was at my school’s prom and that stuff doesn’t fit me anymore.
Company had its 50th anniversary and there was a dress code.
It was nice wearing that stuff cause it gave me a little self-esteem boost and the fabric felt good. But fuck those prices…RIP my wallet.

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Some more scary moving pictures (bought, ordered and pre-ordered).

Resident Evil - Welcome to Raccoon City

Final Destination 1-5

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Chucky (7 Movie Collection, UK Import)

Scream (6 Movie Collection)

Friday the 13th (8 Movie Collection)

Nightmare on Elm Street (7 Movie Collection)

The Entity

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Un-Cut Triple Feature

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Unrated Version)

Evil Dead Rise

And some other but I’m too lazy to add them right now.

Update X:

“Some” more horror movies. To be honest, I’ve lost sight of what I posted here, so some might be missing.
In no particular order:

The Blackcoat’s Daughter



The VVitch

The Haunting

Rosemary’s Baby


Lake Bodom


The Wailing

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Part II

The Black Phone

Drag Me To Hell


Stephen King’s The Fog

The Possession



Terrifier 2

Bone Tomahawk


House on Haunted Hill

The Fog (John Carpenter)

Martyrs (the original)


Sinister 2
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got ahold of vice city stories so now i got all the gtas for ps2 and bully(like prep school gta also made by rockstar)

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I got a Fairphone 5 to replace my current phone after smashing the screen on it.

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pocket plank
found a piece of craft wood on floor ranodmly at work so i made a new version i call it pocket plank

also got a first model sega genesis, sonic 1-2 pinball, and ms pac man, 1 original 3 button controler and a repro 6 button. a nes(the crappy hinge cart slot og model) mario duckhunt, mario 2, mario 3, bubble bobble, metroid, tmnt 2, guantlet 2, iron sword and gyruss. and 2 nes controllers

also power adapters only av for nes, and the sega rf/to coax cable for 220 locally seemed okay since didnt have most of those games and pretty decent ones that like 20$ for few them. besides never had a genesis

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Latest batch of blurays.


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Some random books about a white haired dude with two swords who fucks a lot.


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got a random old tube pa gotta service eventually lol

is a traynor yvm-1 didnt look up serial yet but somethin like 1966~72 probably

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Felt like my Kindle 4th Gen just laying around collecting dust because the battery is dead was a waste of a good device. So I ordered (for the first time from Ebay) a replacement battery. Already removed the old one (fuck Amazon for using super strong adhesive like that) and put the new one in. Gonna let it charge a bit to see if it actually works before I put the back panel back on.
And I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen from Amazon…so now I have 3 ereader :neutral_face:

Also some Witcher comics, the official cook book, a book with a collection of short stories from a competition about the Witcher and 2 Witcher figures (Geralt and Ciri).

Pics may follow.


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bunch old power tools, a cool phone, a at&t blue box/speed dial thing

ordered a oukitel wp33 waiting on shippin


showed up and is comically huge lol old phones and keyboard for scale

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Got this a little while ago but forgot to post it. Its an Hitachi BH16NS55 (effectively a rebranded LG WH16NS60) UHD BD-RE drive that supports LibreDrive.

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Have fun with it :like:

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It seems to be working great so far. I’ve done about 5 blurays and all of them seem to be in order even John Wick. Only time I had an issue was that Alien had a lot repeated titles totally 90GBs but the first t00 file was the full movie anyway at 31GBs.

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so far i probably have to charge it tomorrow so ~14days of pretty average use for me

ordered pair of keyboards for fun got a filco majestouch 2sc the like bluey/slight teal one seems pretty good has the not cherry metal bar old school stabilizers and could switch the caps and left control, them double shot key caps and stuff, is pretty heavy/extra thicc chassis and stuff and nice dark and lighter grey key caps with teal letterys

waiting on a meme gaymer one comin next week the cyber01 or somethin got like magnetic actuation switches and stuff can adjust the actuation/reset and stuff, no num pad, no print screen etc, but figure filco good for work/seems like is a work focused one

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got in fancy hand laquer kobo teal top frame for the filco, think it matches better than the blue one anyways with the random teal legend and stuff matching the new logo paint etc

otherone not tried loading the softwarez yet cause dont wanna lol, but cant adjust actuation point without but gotta try lookin up before go to it to see if thats like an internal saved thing just no key combo to adjust it, or it actually needs the package to run all the time to override that value/setting

otherwise it works fine feels pretty good build other than the stabilizers arent as nice as the ones in the filco that has the oldschool style like anti rollbar that clips into the keycap itself that also trys to prevent other torsional forces aswell as the linear pressing down, where the other one just has extra faux switches at the end so only stabilizes pressing down so its more wobbly and stuff. but with actuation point of like 0.2mm not really that optimal for typing anyways if not used to it

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Logitech C270 Webcam (for 17€, cause the built-in webcam on the company-provided laptop is garbo)

Ready or Not?

The Room


Ginger Snaps 1-3 Uncut

The Cellar

The Mortuary

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seriously, how can we have cameras on smartphones that amazing but every laptop webcam is stuck at 720p and looks like it came from the mid 2000s

guess have to wait for a next gen framework that has screen modules where you could put like different res or like 4 smaller ones, or like different aspect and different speakers on the top, or like fancy big webcam with eyeballtracking