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Post what new thing you acquired recently



yep thats exactly what it looks like, you can really feel it too if you start pressing down on the table top.


And…it’s holding up with all the things on your desk?


yep it only really has two monitors/keyboard/mouse on it with one on a normal base and the other to the right side using the arm fixed to the table.

(The Drunken Dragon) #185

I got a book

(The Lazy) #186

Ive been spending a little too much money on games but is great to support the devs


Also found out how long its been since i found out about factorio



(The Drunken Dragon) #188

Some strings



They’re shipped with Amazon Logistics. This is a first for me. I guess they’ll use that now since a few days ago they opened a new warehouse in Austria close to the capital.
nvm, they’re shipping it from Germany…


Sending Vol.2-5 back to get a replacement. Amazon is retarded when it comes to proper packaging of books.

To push my luck I ordered these too (kinda right for upcoming Halloween).

hack/slash - Omnibus Vol.5

hack/slash - My First Maniac

hack/slash - Son of Samhain: Vol.1

Now there’s only a few comic series that are finished but not complete in my collection. With hack/slash I was just catching up a bit.

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I got my hunter safety education certification today


Don’t have them yet but I’ll be getting 2x HP 6X00 Pro Microtower, 4 GB RAM, i5, 500 GB HDD. No idea what I’ll be doing with them but my mom’s workplace is getting rid of them (10€ per PC + Win7 license).

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Some potential meat



More GPUs. Recycling run ended well.


As I might buy a spare keyboard next week and have no idea what tactile switches actually feel like, I bought one of these for 8€. There were ones with more switches but what’s the point paying more for switches that I’ll probably won’t be able to buy a keyboard with?



… there’s no tactile switches in there except the browns which are on the bottom end of tactile switches in terms of tactility :stuck_out_tongue:
Though they are the most common but mostly because Cherry MX.
Can find moar better tactiles if you want :smiley:


What about the blues then? They’re noisy browns? (hehe toilet humor ftw)

The variety of switches I have access to is pretty limited in terms of availability and pricing.
Not much to get other than Cherry, Kailh, maybe Gaterons and the “surprise” deal where the seller doesn’t feel the need to tell what switches are on the keyboard.
I’m not looking to get Topre (why does this crap even exist?) or buckling-spring switches. Just want to see what tactile switches feel like in general (as I’ve never tried them).


See mech keyboard thread but depending on what version of blues they are possibly the loudest clicky switch that’s common.
The reds and blacks are linear switches that are essentially the same but different weights.


I’ve been using MX Silents which are essentially dampened Reds for 2 or 3 years now, so I know what linear switches feel like. But I’ve never touched tactile switches and just want to see if I like them before ordering a keyboard on sale. That’s the only reason why I bought that thing.


And just ordered this wrist rest. I like my keyboard angled higher than most people (fuck those super flat keyboards) and have it elevated a bit. The bottom back of the keyboard is at ~4cm (27° incline) including the little feet out. To compensate I got this.