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Post what new thing you acquired recently


Ordered one of these cause I’m done with buying can after can of canned air.

And a set of these cause when I tried to turn the thumbscrew of one of the 2.5" sleds in my case it wouldn’t turn. A screwdriver (even a stubby) is too big to get in there.


Twin Peaks - The Entire Mystery (Blu Ray)



This CPU was included with that Abit IP35 Pro that I got a couple weeks ago. It’s lapped down to the copper and the guy couldn’t remember what it was, so I got it as a freebie. Basically hit the jackpot.

(The Drunken Dragon) #164

Cigars have arrived

Smoking/Vaping/& Etc Lounge

20x CR2025 batteries cause the one in my speakers’ remote is almost dead and I only have a shit ton of CR2032 in stock that are too thick to fit in the remote -_-



Some acrylic paint. Local office supply chain had one of those “buy x get 1 free” deals.
Hopefully this will get me off my ass and do something “productive” for a change.


(The Lazy) #167

Just bought the whole discography for this band and GTA V


56€,now I can get rid of that wooden board on cut-off table legs and get more desk space back.
And move the monitors as I want. Might even move the right speaker back on the desk from that board I mounted on the side of the desk cause it doesn’t fit on the desk.


Monitor arms are great. I used to have the single arm version of this one which I’ve now gave to my mother. its pretty good for the price but very limited on movement because of the short arm size and can’t do tight turn on the angle so well, could be a problem depending on your layout and how you want to position it, they also can’t support a super amount of weight too so make sure your monitors are light enough for them, usually its fine but one of mine was simply way too heavy for it to handle but it did have an internal PSU.


2 - 6,5 kg
My Dell is 3,6kg and my old, fat Samsung is 4,3kg, so it should be fine.
If the Samsung turns out to be too heavy, then it might be time to finally replace it. Served me well for ~9 years now and still going strong, despite it not being any competition for my Dell (duh, IPS vs old LCD TN).

I just don’t want to spend ~230€ for another U2414H do match the other monitor. Not for a monitor that came out 4 years ago. But the newer models (despite costing around the same, +/- 15€) look slightly different.


yeah you should be totally fine, the monitor I had issues with weights like 8kg XD


I just hope my desk will hold up to the weight (as it’s applied on one small area compared to separate monitor stands with a wide footprint).


unless its a really cheap desk made out of plywood you’ll be fine, just when building it don’t float the monitors over the back of the desk and always have them over the table surface as the weight of the monitors could make it topple backwards.


Nah, but a little over 2cm thick chipboard and old.
I’m not too worried about it (as long as it doesn’t suddenly break and damage my stuff) cause I wanted a new desk too for a while now.


if its anything to go by the one my mother is using now is on an £8 table from Ikea with a 3kg monitor on its arm.


8 GBP? Can you even get something from Ikea for that price that contains any wood?


Lol. I have one of those similar desks. It isn’t wood, just a few layers of plywood … I may or may not have found this out by trying to mount a triple monitor stand to it and punching a hole in the thing xD


That was just the table top, the legs were separate but they were not much either.

^ this its a plywood frame with little spaces in a sorta honycomb shape inside to give it some rigidity, its pretty much this desk to give you an idea.


Is it one of those desk tops made out of cardboard sandwiched between thin, cheap chipboard?

nvm, shoulda read the rest first xD

Haha, I’ve seen that in gif form a couple times xD