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Post what new thing you acquired recently


Got a Castiel style trench coat made by London Fog for $3 cuz salvation army.
Might post pic later might not, is annoying to get good pic of.


Neat. Didn’t even know these guys are local but got this as a gift so. Cool.


2x 8TB WD MyBook (gonna shuck it) for 145€ (was ~180€ before).
Thinking about getting another one…16TB for ~290€ is nice. ordered another one…

And a 500GB SSD for my mom’s laptop.


I just picked up this on sale for only £180 which was way too good of a deal to pass up especially for a Sapphire Nitro card :smiley:


Haven’t decided yet if I want to use it for Linux or Windows, leaning towards Linux so I don’t have to deal with the god awful Nvidia drivers anymore XD


Always have to convert to EUR to see how good of a deal it is.
Damn nice! Still a fine GPU.


yeah I was shocked just how cheap it was when I found it with it being around £80 off the current retail price, to think these went for £350+ not just 6 months ago XD


This week is heavy on my bank account -_-
But I finally found a new bag to replace the one I’m using now where 2/3 zippers are broken and one of the plastic things that holds the shoulder strap to the bag snapped (fixed it with a metal part but still…).

So this will be the new one, once it arrives on Friday. 24€ (down from 30€, again a flash sale).


Speeds are much better when it’s only SATA and no USB 2.0.


~30min then I’ll have everything moved to the dedicated drives.

(The Lazy) #210

Someone returned a 6’ card table at work and we damaged it out so i went around to the trash and nabbed it after work :smiley:

It appears i might have a new desk :smiley:



wow thats a really nice grab. how was/is it damage? still can’t pass up a otherwise perfectly good table though :smiley:

(The Lazy) #212

Has little nicks and dings from when it got shipped to the store. Thankfully they are all on one side of the table. Just means i know which side faces the wall XD


Nice thats not bad at all especially for a free table XD

(The Lazy) #214

Ye. Not worth the $40 it costs new XD


what that thing is $40 new? is there any wonder why they wanted to returned it XD

(The Lazy) #216

by the time you include taxes and whatnot pretty much


2x Samsung 860 Evo 500GB 70€ each.

Cancelled the order. Realized I don’t need them and the discount wasn’t that big. I’ll get a single 250GB next month or when I feel like it.


Well, didn’t buy any SSDs for myself, but a keyboard.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum w/ MX Brown
130€ (and damn, according to geizhals.at price development it’s actually down from 200€ and the lowest it’s ever been)
Finally a new keyboard so I can clean my Strafe and keep it as a spare.
Only thing I didn’t get is a new 2nd monitor. And decided against the SSDs. But…meh.


Uhm…also got some other stuff.

Notebook (might use it to write down my passwords without it looking like a mess)

2x notebooks (A6, dotted, hardcover) for on the go

Tombow brush pen (1x soft, 1x hard)

Ext. enclosure for 2.5" drives (as the shitty SATA-to-USB cable I have doesn’t work)

4x audio drama boxes (3 episodes per box)


New(ish) toy.