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Post what new thing you acquired recently

(Jeff D.) #341

My most recent large purchase was my new computer and monitor and such things.


s dhad a knoife on tha left, mate?

(Jeff D.) #343

Yeah, but it’s nothing special, just a box cutter i got for work.

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #344

I got one of these for free, now I don’t have to vacuum my apartment myself


One of the paracords went back cause the colors didn’t match (shitty pink-ish&dark turquoise vs nice red/azure).
Ordered a nice brown instead and a 100-pack of these:

Should mix fine with the red/black/white one I already have and look good on its own.


Update on the 2nd paracord color from the initial purchase. Colors didn’t match product image:

What they showed:

What it actually looks like:

It’s even darker irl than it is in the picture.

Sending it back for a refund.

(The Lazy) #347

(Left to right)
7oz Tiny hammer
20oz Masonary Hammer
5/8" Cold Chisel

(Not in photo)
Oneplus One


ooh those look nice, tools you need for smashing things?

(The Lazy) #349

Ye. Gonna try and get video of me smashing the shit outside of a UPS XD


lol nice, there’s nothing more satisfying than smashing the shit outa stuff, are these full UPS units? thats gonna make quite a mess? XD


Maybe add a small pry bar to it to get more leverage when you try to crack the case open.
Don’t know how much you can damage before it’s useless for recycling.


I don’t think that’d matter as much because its all getting broken down anyway plus iirc there more after the gold/copper inside than worrying about the case.


Then I think a small pry bar would come in handy. The larger hammer already has a flat side but I’m not sure how comfortable it is for prying stuff (like doing a twisting motion).

(The Lazy) #354

Not needed. We just unscrew. Far less work XD


Then what are the hammers and chisel for?

(The Lazy) #356

actually removing the parts. Mostly just smack off chocks, transformers, relays, etc. Anything that contains any valuable metals. The now mostly partless PCBs go into another bin where we ship them off. They get ground and burned and then the metals get extracted. Parts go into different bin where we just them off as copper scrap.

It actually doesnt seem to matter because the goal is just pure volume. Is almost worth nothing unless your doing stuff with lots of copper (Chockes, Relays, etc). So you need to just process lots of it and its hard to lose anything because the speed gain is just so great.


So, just separate plastic from metal, no matter the condition.

(The Lazy) #358

Ye. Metals are sorted by “grade”. A single sided pcb is a far lower grade than something like a GPU pcb. Stuff thats more copper dense is going to be even a higher grade.


So I assume the PCBs for those UPS’s gotta be worth quite a bit because of the powerplane and the isolation needed? some of those boards I’ve seen for them are pretty thick.

(The Lazy) #360

not really. Get tossed in the same bin as the other PCBs.