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Post what new thing you acquired recently


oh thought that might’ve been but the ones i saw were for rack mounted units, so I guess for those your mostly after the transformers and stuff like that?

(The Lazy) #362



New chair. Should arrive in the middle of next week.

No idea how long I’ve been using my current one but the arm rest cushioning has long come off (replaced with some old carpet material and bandages), the fake leather has mostly flaked off (covered with a blanket) and the cushioning is completely worn out and compressed.

This one’s all plastic except for some small part like the screws, seat mounting plate and gas spring, but I didn’t feel comfortable buying a much more expensive one. The used market is empty and regular chairs from Herman Miller/Steelcase are still expensive af.

(The Lazy) #364

Elitebook 8770w with 16GB of ram and 230W charger for $20

Free chair

And a dock for the elitebook. This thing is absolutly amazing. Single button press and all connected IO is removed :smiley:


Full specs?
Got Fedora installed yet?

(The Lazy) #366

i7-3630QM, FirePro 4000M, 16GB of ram, 1600x900 screen.

(The Lazy) #367

Asus Eee PC. Intel Atom N2600, 1GB of ram, 300GB HDD, 1024x600 Screen.

XFX Geforce 8800 GTS. @Fouquin. Anything is should know about this card? Doesnt have the power for what i need so its probably going to get flipped or become a coaster. Same fate for the Eee PC probably


It’s old. With the last driver from 2016 it should handle Minecraft and similarly old games. I just tested one playing Skyrim on high settings at 720p for a comparison project.

That assumes it’s the 640MB version. If it’s the 320MB it’s trash.


My condolences.
I still regret buying a Netbook. PoS was underpowered and would even struggle with Win7 Starter.

(The Lazy) #370

Even more badass dock for elitebook. Is the 230W advanced dock. I now have (possibly, unteseted) 12 USB ports and 7 display outs along with sata expansion

Sony Watchman. Dont have anything thats still UHF/VHF near me sadly :frowning:. Just all digital. Have a digitial portable tv that just needs a power brick and in unknown condidtion.

Have a idea to use this as a second monitor by just broadcasting my own signal XD


The Thinkpad Advanced Dock fits a PCI-E card inside. It works with SFF GPUs.

I wanted to do a video with TS showing a T60p with the advanced dock and a GT 1030 playing DOOM and Skyrim.

(The Drunken Dragon) #372

Got myself a bigger and better humidor:

Now to find a good hygrometer for it…

(The Drunken Dragon) #373

3 Boveda packs and a hygrometer for said humidor.

Controller for scale, these packs are yooge.

(The Lazy) #374

Many new things.

Acer 6311-AW keyboard

Power switch board

Older IMac

(Jeff D.) #375

Was that from a school by chance?

(The Lazy) #376

nope. guy donated it


Pre-ordered cause the first 2 songs are already really good imo.

(The Drunken Dragon) #378

My sticks arrived

(The Lazy) #379

that was fast lol


I got a PSVita cause I really wanted to replay Persona 4 Golden:

This lead me to get The Persona 4 Animation [Not Golden though cause Aniplex has that thing at a silly price], The Soundtrack for Persona 4 [The Game] and Persona 4 Golden - You have to get both if you want all the music. Those are coming in the mail.