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Post what new thing you acquired recently


Did you get one of the OLED models or the newer LCD ones? Newer ones are surposed to be easier to handle but I still swear by my original OLED the screen is that good.


The LCD one.


Fables Vol. 16-22

Started collecting them a few years ago in German. Now, that was a mistake as Vol. 19 (Engl. Vol. 16) is no longer available (and the German volumes are also more expensive).
Said fuck it, I want to be done with it and ordered the ones I’m missing in English.

Update: Got the first of them today and the piss poor paper quality made me cancel my whole order (and sending back the one I got today). Only sticking with the one volume that’s not available in German anymore. Ordered the German volumes now cause the quality is just so much nicer.


HyperX Wrist Rest

I already have a wrist rest but I forgot how fucking carbonated Dr Pepper is and splashed some over my desk. Trying to clean the wrist rest made me realize just how filthy its from all the sweat and that cleaning it would be basically impossible (thin fabric on top of foam which is probably soaked and dried with sweat by now). So I ordered the one from HyperX cause while it does have a foam core as well, it also has a layer of gel, so sweat will not seep into the foam.

Oh, and I’ll be getting a replacement for my mouse (but I didn’t mention anything about the Dr Pepper, so :shushing_face: ).


Ordered a Moto G7 Power for my mom to replace her Moto G 3rd Gen.

6.2", 1570x720 (pretty unimpressive for the size)
Snapdragon 632

mfw we have the same phones but she gets a newer, nicer phone before me…and I’m stuck with my defective one…(auto-rotate doesn’t work cause defective G-sensor which also causes the automatic screen on/off during calls to not work in some positions, getting some severe lag when having 3 apps open and switching between them, battery performance is decreasing (which was the same reason for my mom to replace hers)).

I’d love to get a phone with Android One to avoid all the bloatware and get 2 years of updates. But the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite doesn’t have Gorilla glass which makes it prone to fine scratches easily but the Mi A1 has ~25% less battery capacity (4000mAh vs 3080mAh). And while the Mi A2 Lite has the same CPU/GPU, RAM/ROM it still uses micro USB instead of the Mi A1’s type C. Both are under 200€ as of right now. Nokia 7.1 would also be an option but while it has a better CPU/GPU it’s more expensive (still under 200€ though) and 3GB/32GB…which kinda sucks. Do I need 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM when there’s a microSD slot? No. But it still feels like a worse upgrade.

But…I’ll most likely end up not buying a new phone again, like last them where I already ordered it and cancelled the order again (even a few times, I think). So…yeah, my usual “I’m going to buy xyz but not really” rant.


Oh, how naive the me of the past was. Random reboot, battery draining and lag. Time for a new phone.

Xiaomi Mi A1 (4GB/64GB + microSD slot, Android One)

And a case that looks like an Otterbox knock-off. T H I C C af.

(had to edit this in cause 3 consecutive replies in a row aren’t allowed)

Update 2: i didn’t know that 128gb microsd cards can be had for 18€. Just ordered one.

Samsung Evo Plus 128GB

And a classic moment of “OMG that’s so cheap! How can I not buy it?”, only then to remember I have 2x perfectly good 64GB microSD cards (one still in my phone, one in a box full of USB flash drives, etc).

(The Drunken Dragon) #386

Cigar cutters and RAM. Hopefully now I can play all the mods 3 with usable framerates.


New mobile plan. Some talk about mobile data plans and costs made me realize that I’m getting a bit fucked by my current provider (3GB, unlimited calls/texts for 21€ with A1). They increase prices every year a bit while data only increases if you contact them for cancellation. Initiated the cancellation today and got me a plan with Tmobile (now Magenta here after they merged/acquired one of our local ISPs) with 10GB, unlimited calls/texts for 15€ (and no fucking minimum contract duration). I’m also not getting any deals on for phones but I could change my plan anytime to something more expensive. Not that I care about those programs; provider-locked phones pre-filled with bloatware and update relying on the provider are a pain in the ass anyway (and the prices suck as you pay more over the duration of your plan vs buying a phone yourself + cheaper plan).
Needs to be seen how reception is for me with the new provider.


WD Red 4TB (retail packaging)
Cause the 4TB HGST Deskstar NAS is no longer available on Amazon, so I’m getting a refund.

(The Drunken Dragon) #389

I got a chair

(The Drunken Dragon) #390

And moar cigars


3 Doctor Who DVD sets at walmart for $60 total [phone camera]:


review will be in 30 days from when I got it.

(The Lazy) #393

Look forward to it. Anything specific your trying to get out of it?


Not really. I’m using it as a pure writing machine for the story I’m working on and writing in the wiki. It’s a bit overkill for that. In 5 years when I’ll get a new one, I’ll install Debian on it.


Xiaomi Mi A1
Yes, again. Mine had some serious and annoyingly noticeable (haptic and acoustic) weeble-wooble going on with the volume and power buttons.
Amazon doesn’t really ask questions (I’ll get those next year when they’ll ask me again why I sent so much stuff back…maybe try to not damage books and CDs during shipping, you tards), so I’m sending it back for a refund and ordered a new one.
Why not just get it replaced? I bought it for ~186€ and now it’s 150€, so I’m saving 36€ and hopefully get a phone without any flaws.

Update: no phone for me. I should’ve received it yesterday but “for some reason” the delivery was delayed. Today I was notified that they couldn’t deliver it cause it got damaged during shipping and is now back to Amazon.
Okay, so I’m getting a replacement? Well, kinda. It’s currently not in stock on Amazon (from other sellers yes, but not for Amazon). So now I’m waiting until it gets back in stock which could take up to 2 weeks.
I’m getting a deja vu, though. Last time my mom and I got new phones she had no issues at all while I had to get several replacements (to the point where Amazon wouldn’t ship any replacements and I had to buy it again (after a refund)). This feels like it’s the start of that cycle again and I’m wondering if this phone is just no meant for me and as if I should pick a different one.


For $40 and shipped in 2 days, not bad. It tastes like lemony tea.

Is one of the new flavors apparently.


How much are Monster Energy usually? Sounds bit expensive, tbh.


Normally are $2.50-3.50 each. These in particular are usually $3 each (which would be in the $72 range at full price for a 24 pack). . So I got them for half, maybe a bit less, than normal. I’ll probably sell a lot of these though, I’m getting a coffee machine and whatnot but still.


Ouch. That’s quite expensive. They’re 1.49€ here, on sale 1€ or even less. But we don’t have as many flavors, though.


Pajama Sam Vol. 1+2