The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

Story time:
My brother buys a computer on ebay. Had an i7 6700, 16 gigs of ram. No hard drive. It’s a hp. He paid $305 which included shipping. Computer comes and there is a GTX 1060 6GB. It hadn’t been on the listing.

Holy hell… talk about a steal of a deal for my brother.

My brother asked about my GPU and I admitted it was old and would need to be upgraded in 2020. MY rx480 has served me well.

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Lol at the hotel the night before leaving for TX, played chess (and failed at it) then won by a massive amount playing Texas Holdem poker and then playing modern warfare 2 now and Black ops 1 zombies on Xbox 360. Interesting.


Get used to being a console peasant lol. Will probably be doing alot of gaming on a console


Not really, unless I get deployed. If I get stationed to a base it’s just living in the dorms they have there which is whatever you have for stuff (the dorms are fully furnished though so no need for extra furniture).
And then after living in the dorms it’s a normal house/etc near the base.



not much, watching tech linked/catching up on Youtube videos/other boring stuff.


Figuring out new plan for PC atm.


Building a new one?

Aiming for anything lol. Current stuff is limited to opengl 2.1 and all of my favorite games are moving away from it :sob:

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What games are you playing

Factorio, Ravenfield, Daggerfall Unity, and minecraft. All fail to create opengl contexts on start

Gonna be a few weeks atleast before i get a chance to get a new machine too

What sort of machine? I built a hearty PC from last gen server parts.

You don’t need a PC now, Google for you covered.

Wouldnt you need fiber for that? We are still fretting over monitor latency…

Don’t know, looking forward to try it out.

i have 10/1 so thats not happening

OI ! Are you calling my 480 old? Don’t make me wanna get a new GPU…pls.

Similar story (about free stuff) but first let me tell you that holding a flashlight with your teeth is a bad idea. Had a dentist appointment today cause I chipped the corner of a tooth. The moment it happened I thought to myself “Really? Are you THAT stupid?”. At least I didn’t have to pay anything.

But for the thing that brightened my day: my Kershaw Shuffle arrived today. Took it out of the box, opened it and was already disappointed. Unless you’re a pro thumb wrestler there’s no way you can open it all the way one-handed, much less flick it open. Closing it a similar story. The liner lock is way too tight.
Didn’t feel like messing around with loosening the screws and such, so I opted for sending it back to Amazon.
Well, to my surprise I don’t have to send it back to get a refund. I can keep it and get a refund. For a fucking 20€ !!! pocket knife. 20€ !!! Please explain to me why I have to send a damaged CD for 4-6€ back for a replacement/refund but a 20€ knife I can keep. No biggie. Amazon and logic…
But now I got a free pocket knife :smiley:

Military in a nutshell; hurry up and wait. Lol. Got up at 4am, did things and officially am now an E2, … And my flight to TX leaves at 6pm. 5.5 hours from now. Oh well. Still, other than being tired isn’t bad. If boring.
Currently in a veteran/military lounge in the airport. Is nice, tv, comfy chairs, free food and the like.


What the fuck, are you using a machine from 2005?

What happened to the laptops you were using?