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its as if they know what were like or something /s

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Not entirely, just mostly dead.


My knife situation is getting a bit annoying.
Kershaw Shuffle is not suited for one-handed use. Got a refund and to keep it.
Aubey EDC knife was just bad quality and is going back for a refund.
Ontario Rat 2 appears to have been dropped by someone before it was in my possession. Ugly dents on the thumb rest and some scratches on the liners. Getting a replacement on Monday.

On top of that, the black one was fine to order. But why do they not deliver the green one to Austria? The only difference is the color of the scales and the blade has been stone washed - it’s just looks, a different color option. Contacted them, they also don’t seem to know without more research. Gonna get an email within 24h with hopefully a logical answer.

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Any reccomendations for a good knife? Looking to replace this box cutter nonsense.


I just started getting into knives myself.
Blade HQ has a “best first knife” video and Nick Shabazz has some too.
Bought the Rat 2 as a recommendation and besides that it seems to have been already used it’s great.

Definitely check your country’s laws regarding knives first (gravity knives, switch blades, assisted, fixed blades, lock types, etc).

General advice would be: don’t cheap out. Inexpensive != cheap.
Trusted manufacturers can fuck up too sometimes, especially in the low budget area.

Oh, and most of this might be a “duh”, but still useful:

Same goes for maintaining knives.
Nick Shabazz has for almost any knife he reviews a disassembly video where he shows how to take it apart/put it back together and how to care for it (cleaning, oiling, sometimes greasing and removing/preventing rust).

For sharpening it’s a matter of how much you want to spend on it. Sharpening stones for manual sharpening are often less expensive but a bit tricky while guided tools come at a higher price but make it easier.
And mask the parts of the blade while sharpening so you don’t accidentally put scratches on it.

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20 Job applications later


lel the fun of filling in forms that are almost entirely identical and partly useless over and over time?

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Is why im using indeed atm. Is just one-click apply for about 20-40% of applications.


oh thats neat, worse part about applications is filling in all the stupid forms and stuff and was always told you had to specifically rewrite all of your stuff for every application and that gets tedious fast.

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The worth part is all of the useless BS like references and whatnot that they require you have but dont want any relatives, coworkers, and friends


oh I’d just get fucking john from down the street? usually here they’d take one reference from a co-worker/tutor and one character reference from a friend or something.

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not here. Everyone wants 3 references and the applications are real picky about who does and doesnt count.

Is also alot of “Entry level” jobs that require 1-2 years of experience


here the’re not so picky at all and only use them to get a general idea of what your like, sometime they don’t even follow through with them.

ye that happens everywhere, is pretty much we want somebody with a senior level of experience but to pay them for an entry level job


Films I plan to see in the theater for the rest of the year:
Avengers Endgame
John Wick Chapter 3
Godzilla King of Monsters
Hobbs & Shaw
Terminator Dark Fate - About this. James Cameron is doing it after the rights reverted back to him. It ignores every Terminator after the 2nd one which I’m okay with. My exceptions are really low on this but I’m going to give a chance.
Star Wars Episode 9

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MFW it’s April and I’ve had no days off:


April Fools!!!

Now get back to work.

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I mean, you’re kinda cramming a years worth of pay into a really short amount of time (comes with seasonal occupations). If it was stretched out over the year it would be a different situation, right?

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I have spent about the same amount of time sitting doing nothing as I have actually working. It’s unnecessary, and unlike an hourly employee I don’t get paid just for being here. It’s a waste of time and makes it impossible for me to do anything else because they’ll throw one client at 9am and the next one at 7pm…


Why do you have to be there when there’s such a huge hole between clients?

Should’ve gotten a Switch, though…just sayin’