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just in case she gets behind and I have to step in to take them… or if there’s a “problem” with the computer… or if the client has some information on their phone and I have to print it off because god forbid people actually understand the basics of how to use this expensive piece of equipment in their pocket to any extent more than just a glorified messenger…

Hearthstone mobile and manga have been making sure my sanity isn’t 100% gone


Nah, fuck printers. I’m certain not even the devs for them know how their software works.

(The Drunken Dragon) #25686

I’m going to go paperless as soon as she stops doing them. She’s the only reason we print shit…


Don’t get me wrong, I like having a copy on paper around. And it comes in handy when I’m sending something back to Amazon and have to print the shipping label. But fuck printer manufacturers and how they handle drivers and ink.


I went with a Brother Laser monochrome 4 years ago. Best money I have spent on a printer. I never will have a need to print in color. Still using that same printer. Ink Printers are a scam.

(The Lazy) #25689

Honestly the best option for a printer is buying a older one (probably used) and just doing manual ink refils. For my printer is $50 for ink+refill kit and its nearly 8 refills lol

(The Lazy) #25690

This aprils fools just felt wrong. Its become the new meta to post actual videos atleast on youtube


Most of the stuff I’ve seen this year were low effort over the top sensational that were obviously jokes, maybe its just me but I prefer the more subtle almost believable approach but instead most are playing it safe. I did kinda like LTTs though because that did almost get me thinking it was true but its exactly something LTT would do anyway.

(The Lazy) #25692

Its LTT so you know its real but the joke is that they are completely ignoring the fact that it hardens


ooh no its completely 100% fake, they shot it out of order and tried to maintain continuity and didn’t run the concrete. its milk, charcoal and paint XD


I loved Captain NA’s joke this year. He always goes way over the top with designing and ordering completely custom PCBs and stuff. Some of the things he makes are actually functional, just not to the degree of the joke. (I.E. the ‘BitchinFast 3D 2000’ video the card was actually a functional display adapter, but only through a small Altera chip.)

(The Lazy) #25695

Pretty decent fake then. Though it looks like they were using some of their shittier parts XD


ye I’d still be concerned with stuff that let alone concrete and helps keeps it believable, who’d be crazy enough to run concrete with decent parts, actually probably LLT come to think of it lol


24 awake
12h asleep
24 awake

well, the numbers aren’t exact but you get the idea.
I’m too old for this shit and really looking forward to the next 12h of sleep which will then hopefully lead to a normal pattern again.

Still waiting for Amazon to lift the shipping restriction for the Rat II with green scales.

Also still waiting for the 2nd Goblin Slayer patch I ordered ~2 weeks ago. Their website is currently under construction…and I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Watching The Rising of the Shield Hero to pass some time until I can go to sleep.

How’s everyone else doing?


about to get some sleep, it also just starting snowing which is nice. just hope its around when i wake up lol

(The Drunken Dragon) #25699

Started the day off with a return that had 70 stock sales and some foreign dividends… 10am appointment didn’t show… 11am appointment showed up 20 minutes early, spent 10 minutes looking through stuff deciding what she wanted to give me, then happened to forget the packet that shows what’s normally around 30k worth of stock sales and 5k worth of dividends…

I know there’s only 13 days left… but damn does it feel more like 30…

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Back to the corner twirling your sign then?


Still waiting for Amazon to lift the shipping restriction. It just doesn’t make any sense. The items in question are all sold and shipped by Amazon, no 3rd party sellers. Some ship here, others don’t. The only difference is the color of the grip/scales and the blades (untouched, stone washed, coated).

Also waiting for my beads to arrive today so I can make some paracord keychains and stuff like that. Try out different designs with different/multiple colors, etc.

No response from that online store I ordered the patch from. Filed a claim with PayPal, as the online store is under construction (don’t know how long it’s already been, might be a bad sign) and my email hasn’t gotten a response.

Update on Amazon: they’re shit. Contacted them first on the 29th, then again on 30th to clarify some questions I had. Now I was told “ackchjually it hasn’t been a week”. Seriously? I was told “within a week”. Now I get “it’s hard to tell, we don’t know how long it’s actually take”.
My question regarding the extremely fluctuating price without any major sales (was 5 left in stock for ~36€, 4 left in stock for ~60€, now down again to ~37€ at still 4 left in stock, all within a week) was basically shut down with “none of your business”. Over the whole conversation there were multiple moments when I was told “If you don’t have any more questions I’ll close the chat now”.
And always phrases like “Your request is being worked on my a ‘specialized department’.” or “Our ‘specialists’ are working on it”. Who? What department?
Overall I doubt I’m being taken seriously and that I’ll probably get an answer along the lines of “we were unable to solve your request and it has been closed. no further statements will be given.”
Fuck, their customer service really is hit and miss.

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Good morning fellow world wide web goers.


good morning :sleepy: