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nah its more the opposite

(The Lazy) #25706

Good evening

(Jeff D.) #25707

Good afternoon


Good eventide

(The Lazy) #25709

Woo Hoo. Got a new job at the ewaste place. I start tomorrow :smiley:

(Techinically today)


oh nice. congrats, you actually got it :smiley:

should be great working there seeing what comes in. Do you know what your gonna be doing or is it general anything and everything?

(The Lazy) #25711

No fucking idea


lol well i guess you can’t say it won’t be interesting then. so you just turn up and could have you doing anything? gonna have to eye up some hardware though while your there now?

(Legend) #25713

Watch out for Aremis

(The Lazy) #25714

Dont worry. We shoot dogs on sight /s

(The Lazy) #25715

New job is great. Mostly just smashing shit with a hammer. Did get to use a 4LB sledgehammer through the inside of a UPS XD

All the dead laptops XD


of course, you gotta protect all those precious powerbooks and windows 98 machines XD

(The Lazy) #25717

Also HYPE for the avatar sequels. The underwater CGI is going to be dope


Completely forgot about the first one already. Would’ve been even more meh without the 3D.
The whole “infiltrate, befriend, accidentally betray them, fight besides them” spiel is old. Ferngully did that years ago.

(The Lazy) #25719

Forgettable maybe but its still a good movie. The no glasses 3d shit was cool.


I actually completely forgot this was a still a thing but looks like it could be amazing. overall I didn’t mind the first one, the story was okay and engaging but I really loved the world building, characters and how the whole thing was portrayed. there is certainly a lot that can be done in the world, and the CGI was incredible at the time. I didn’t watch it at the cinema though but was one of the first ever movies I got on blu-ray and was blown away with how good it looked on there.


I think that was just you inhaling the devil’s lettuce.

(The Lazy) #25722


:420: :oregano: :420: