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Would you like to see something meta and dark about Control the game:

Go here:


Code is:

The person in the video was the voice for Alan Wake but not the model they used thats a different actor.

How did I find this: the Control discord, we were playing an ARG. It involves puzzles and codes

Like this

and this

Yes I’m invested in this game and hyped for it. Also have to play it since Remedy did give me a nifty pin.


I have a lot of desktop space now:


The 4k HDR Freesync Monitor I just got:
Has HDR on HDMI 2.0 but no Freesync.
Has Freesync on Displayport 1.2

For those who don’t know you can’t do HDR on Displayport 1.2 . It has to be Displayport 1.4 which has only recently started coming out but it isn’t on a lot of monitors yet.

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I figure I should throw a reminder in here:


I did my taxes as soon as I got my W2 in February. Already done and got my return to.

(The Drunken Dragon) #25729

tfw the tax man still hasn’t done his own return lol


I got to the McDonalds in town and missed the breakfasts by 1 minute :sob:


They really didn’t make an exception?
What did you get then?


Nope, got there at 10:31 and they stop at 10:30 so I’m SoL.

I got a cheeseburger and fries


That’s quite petty though.
But tbh, never been a fan of “breakfast” items at fast food joints. I’d rather have a burger with bacon in it.
Maybe some of that dislike comes from my aversion regarding time limited stuff (especially with sales).

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Normal nerds are starting to catch up…


What’s a “normal nerd”?

(Chown -R Us /base) #25736

I’d say those with little interest in the underlying operations of the technology we use.

I like to understand every nuance of when my finger strikes a key until the crystals shift and block the backlight to display a character.

Maybe more people like to get that deep in the weeds and my presumptions are wrong.


I’d not even call those “nerds”. If there even is some kind of universal classification. Like, what if they understand the underlying mechanics but only because it’s their job and it just doesn’t tickle their fancy like it would for a “nerd”.

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I just think not many people like to know the fine details like me. I consider myself a super nerd in that respect.

However my interests probably don’t align with the majority of people and they could have the same level of interest and knowledge in other topics…


So my Korean monitor is well… showing signs of being a lemon which is always a risk with them:
Other oddities

I may be able to fix it but I’m going to replace this later but I’ll keep using it for now. Also this will be the last Korean monitor I get. I don’t want to play that risk anymore.


Update on monitor… nope can’t fix it. So… 4k wallpapers are delayed for a bit.


Suddenly RIP 4k Korean Monitor. Well… I did not see that happening and 4 days after I got it too. Guess I won’t be doing a review blog post, however I learned a few things about HDR monitors as result. This monitor didn’t have certified HDR.

To learn about certified HDR go here:


How if you have AMD and want Freesync you need Freesync 2 for HDR.

How the monitor needs HDMI 2.0 or Display port 1.4 for HDR.

This will be the last Korean Monitor I get. There is a risk with getting them and I always knew that. I’ve gotten 10 from there. Only this one was an issue.

It is a bummer this monitor turned out to be a lemon. However I have two perfectly working 1440 monitors, so I’ll be okay. I’ll get a replacement 4k HDR monitor later.

Not going to ask for a refund cause me trying to fix it was what pushed it to die. There was an attempt but oh well.


So…no chance for a refund?

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F. All day breakfast FTW here :smiley: