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The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]


ye sure rub it in, I’m pretty sure this is you right now /s :cry:


can I emigrate to America just for the McDonalds?


Nope. I pushed it to die in attempting to fix so I would not qualify for refund.


Well, that sucks.


In other news I reached the time to replace my mechanical keyboards. Won’t cost too much.


This was exactly the kind of video I expected and I wasn’t disappointed. all the editors shoot shit about the weird stuff they bought.


Apparently the founder of Aliexpress is somewhat of a slave driver, though. He thinks working 12h shifts 6 days a week is okay. Not that I would’ve ordered anything from there but now I have even less of a desire.

(The Drunken Dragon) #25750


I genuinely would rather this be my schedule rather than the 7 days of 10h/day… you don’t realize just how much that day off matters until you don’t get one.


Like, all year, not a short season.


Oh, btw, if you’re having a bad day, someone from the people who worked in Notre Dame set it on fire. Imagine being the one responsible for that.


Imagine being the seller who sold a broken 7950 GX2 to LTT (without disclosing that it’s broken) and now your bullshit has been exposed to 8.4 million people.


The following is a rough guess of What would happen if I tried any Free BSD OS:

Reading… Lots and Lots of reading. That I could be spending writing. Delaying a story from being published

Yeah I’m good with Debian.


I have some (although limited) experience with FreeBSD using it on my router and more so from compiling Cataclysm to run on it which was an interesting challenge to get working in its self because FreeBSD has its quirks.

It is strange using though, as somewhat familiar from using Linux but yet a whole lot different when you really get down to it. I do want to dig into BSD more at some point though and specifically its network/firewall stack because it is worlds ahead of Linux in this and would find it interesting to look into.

(The Lazy) #25756

Just a different beast. Defeated all the same.

(The Lazy) #25757

:yum: steak


Can never go far wrong with that, has been far too long since I’ve had a good steak :frowning:

(The Lazy) #25759

Its not good steak. Just steak


I mean steak is steak and I’d take mildly average over no steak at all.

(The Lazy) #25761

Not even mildly average. Is some of the cheapest steak i could find


lol still better than what i have right now.

(Chown -R Us /base) #25763

I’m going to be a snob here and say, wrong.