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The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

(Jeff D.) #25643

looks around, then goes back to bed


breaths through mouth
H-herro, good gentlesir.
looks down nervously
M-May I ask h-how you’re d-doing, desu?

Also, hi.

(Jeff D.) #25645



Hey, has been a while since you’ve been around these parts

(Jeff D.) #25647

Yeah I kinda just…went on to other stuff for a while? Came back once I found the email about the domain change in my spam folder.


well welcome back, as you can see lot has changed since you’ve been gone.

uh were worried this would happen :cry:

(The Drunken Dragon) #25649

Exactly where it belongs :wink:

(Jeff D.) #25650

it’s all so different

(Jeff D.) #25651

Anyway, I’m gonna go play clone hero now. See ya’ll in 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:


this will catch you up

We also have opt-in NSFW and political sections now if you wan to join those


and a fancy new main site at https://0cd.xyz too


will make sure you catch you again then :kissing_heart:

(Jeff D.) #25654

I dunno, maybe I’ll stick around for a bit. At least long enough to say hi to @Dje4321

(Jeff D.) #25655

sweet, new high score

(Jeff D.) #25656

Kinda wanna make a new thread just to post scores but i’m probably the only one who would use it so i won’t


go head if you want, could be a post your video game achievements thread or could just post them in the What are you currently playing? topic.

(Jeff D.) #25658

New thread made: The High Score Table


I ordered a 4k monitor:
[Perfect] QNIX UHD32R HDR HOT 3840 x 2160 UHD 6ms 60Hz AHVA Panel 32" Monitor

I’m going to do a very slow ReShade Photography Replay of Hellblade and capture it in 4k.

The ReShade Preset is not one I’ve shared publicly. It’s a black and white reshade I made recently.

My RX 480 is going to be pushed to the brink.

I’ll be using FRAPS [Already own it] to capture the image with ReShade cause GOG screen capture doesn’t get it.

Also Wolfenstein II The New Colossus is now playable with the latest AMD Drivers. There was a blind white bloom that kept me from playing it. It is now fixed so I cna finally finish the game.

If I find the time I will do a written review of the monitor.

(Jeff D.) #25660

32in? nice.

(The Lazy) #25661

Its called we have absolutely 0 rating

(The Lazy) #25662

Your not completely dead