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RIP me. Woke up and my car started miss-firing like crazy :frowning:


RIP does it look like its anything serious?

(The Lazy) #26008

not idea. Taking it in tomorrow


hopefully it isn’t anything too bad. I know from people that car troubles are the worse with either losing it for a while or being expensive af.


What does it mean when the Read Recovery Attempts are high? Is my HDD on its way out?

Well, whatever it means, I’m getting a replacement from Amazon :smiley:
Still…weird. This was the only value derping up. Everything else looks fine.

Update: no replacement, but a refund cause it’s no longer available. Time to find a new drive.

On a related note: if you can’t destroy your drives but need to wipe them, what do you use?


usually by overwriting the drive with random data a couple of time. On Linux can usually just dd the drive with /dev/urandom a couple of times but If you just need a quick solution dban is a good option too.


Yeah, just a quick overwrite. Before CCleaner became shit I used that. Took way too long on my old 1.5TB drive.
I assume unplugging all other drives would be the safest? Just to be sure?


ye if your unsure it just removes the risk of choosing the wrong one by mistake.


I’d double-double-check before starting it anyway.

Oh, wait, it’s an iso? I thought it was a program I can run and still be able to use my PC?


nope is a utility based on Linux that is setup for wiping drives with a nice easy ui.


Like Memtest86?




Any idea how long it takes per TB?


Depends on the drive but since it has to overwrite the whole disk its going to be a long time that’s for sure.


I’ve seen someone estimating 3h for 1TB with 1 overwrite. Which would mean ~12h for me.
Oh well, I guess I’ll start it today around midnight so it should be ready around noon on Sunday.
Might use my laptop during that time or just my tablet and finish setting up my new phone.

Speaking of new phones: was at my mom’s today to bring her her new phone (both of our old ones were purchased and started showing big signs of battery wear at around the same time).
She now has the Moto G7 Power (beefy 5000mAh battery) and nearly stock Android. To my shock and surprise it came with Facebook pre-installed but fortunately it let me uninstall it without any hassle. ffs, why do phone manufacturers keep putting that shit on their phones? But better this way than how some others do it where you can’t uninstall it without root.
Shit like that is the reason why I was specifically choosing a phone with Android One. I mean, there’s usually the option for flashing a custom rom but I don’t want to do that right after I bought the phone - and especially not when I’m a total noob and have no idea how to get it back to the way it was should something not work properly. Even with a ~185€ phone.


John Wick 3 Non-Spoiler Review in one sentence:
It is a beautiful symphony of violence.


Okay, this is getting weird.
I tried to copy all the files from the 4TB HDD to my 8TB HDD and some end up missing but when I look in the folder and compare them side by side everything’s there, the sub folders show the same files. Yet when I compare the properties it shows there are a few GB missing on the 8TB HDD.
What’s going on?

edit: okay, this might be a bug in Windows introduced with the 1803 update. Seems like I’m not alone with this.


Where you using normal windows copying and pasting or Teracopy?

I use Teracopy for copying and pasting files cause it has a lot of control and stuff.


Just copy and paste. And up until now I never had any issues with it.

Found post on a forum where someone had the same problem. Cause: a failing HDD.


Might explain the amount of Read Recovery Attempts in HWinfo.


Ive settled for Macrorit Partition Expert and doing 1 pass writing 0s on the drive. There’s no critical data on it, just my images (wallpapers and photos i don’t care about), music, manga and ebooks. If it was my drive for docs I’d wipe it good and be willing to spend more time to do so, but for this 6.5h are acceptable so i can take it to the post office today.
Should be done any minute now (99.4%).