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I’ve been looking into getting a tablet for months. Finally after lots of research I ordered the tablet and microsd card for it.
I ordered an Amazon Fire 10 HD…
Wait here me out here:

  1. Cheap. I did get the no ads one
  2. Microsd expansion up to 256 gbs
  3. I can install google play on it… and the apps from there.

I’m going to primarily going to use it to read my massive comic backlog [praise humble bundle sales… also I have lots of 2000AD and image comics cause they offer pdf versions of them.] I’ve tried to read on Saturday when I’m at my computer but most of the time I end up gaming instead.


E3 is coming up and you may wonder if I have any guess as to what may get shown.
TLDR: Nope.
I’m focused on writing background data for my story. I write a little every day. I’m laying out the foundation for the rewrite. The 1st draft was winging it.
This time - Establishing rules, laws, history, organizations, histories, and more.
A lot of the reason for this is because I don’t want this to be the only book in this established universe. I want to craft a couple stories with different characters. The stories will be stand alone.
Sure this has nothing to due with e3 but honestly, I don’t care about it.

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Thats good to hear.

Mario Maker 2
The new bethesda IP thing
Playstation/Sony will probably be new IP and maybe chance for console leaks
Microsoft is probably gonna do somekind of remaster and maybe chance for console leaks.

Most of the console leak im not entirely too sure about


I’m almost certain Sony will show the new console, the lead architect for the PlayStation /AMD confirmed that its going to be an 8c/16t Zen2 SoC with Navi Graphics not too long ago, this thing could be pretty damn powerful and rival decent gaming computers.


Completely forgot how addicting Diablo 3 can be.
Sure, it was a piece of shit when it launched and some time after until Blizzard rolled out the patch that overhauled loot drops and removed the auction house (fucking irl money ffs).
But seasons are quite entertaining. Starting a new character or reincarnate one of your existing characters (they get their gear transferred to the mail box and have access to the shared chest/gold removed, then start at level 1 as a seasonal character) and starting from zero.

One would think “this doesn’t sound like fun. I did that before, so why should I do that again? it becomes meaningless after the season ends”. Well, the thing is there’s this thing called “season journey” which gives you a bunch of goals and reached all those goals in a bracket gives you rewards (a full gear set, a new pet, new wings, additional slot for your chest, character icon frame, etc). Except for the gear set and slot for the chest all the other things are exclusive to the current season, so if you miss it, you’ll never be able to get it again.

One of the local streamers I watch even managed to get ranked #1 in the ladder (which constantly changes by people completing the same greater rift level in less time or higher greater rift levels).

And Blizzard keeps every season fresh with a different “theme”. Either making gear sets require one item less for activating their bonuses (like 3 items to get the 4 item bonus), making specific sets incredibly powerful for that one season or making you deal more damage when you’re not having a set bonus active (which can be difficult cause the meta is usually all about using those bonuses).

In the end it’s endless farming for gear and grinding rift after rift and greater rift after greater rift, but at least for some time it’s fun until the monotony sets in and your progress gets smaller and smaller compared to the time spent playing. But that’s how it’s always been with those hack&slash dungeon crawlers.

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Was cool at first. Stayed up for the midnight release only to be fucked by the online only play as their servers were overloaded immediately. So I couldn’t play until the next day. Oh well.

Got a cool poster with it though.


I got it for free cause Blizzard had this promo for when you bought a 12month subscription for WoW then you got a digital copy of D3 for free.
Never experienced the infamous error 37 myself cause my internet was down for like 3 weeks and I couldn’t play anything online.

You could give it a try again, though. In higher rift levels the legendary loot drops like crazy (almost too often) compared to back then when you were lucky if ANYTHING dropped at all. The new sets are cool too.

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Just finished game of thrones. What in the actual fuck was that ending :woman_facepalming:


thats a shame, would it be fair to say the final season just couldn’t live up to its expectations?

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Very much so. They spent 7 seasons building up characters and then every one gets saved by deus ex machina


thats such bull shit, whole story was built on choices and there consequences, and to end like that… knowing that ending would you still say its worth watching the series? still haven’t caught up yet but this puts a sour taste in my mouth.

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100% Season 1-6 were great


alright then, I’ll have to see about getting my way through them, think I’m a fair bit through season 5 but I’ll measure my expectations for the final season when watching it.


Starfield? No I can confirm that won’t be at e3. Nor ES 6.

DOOM ETERNAL is guaranteed though.

There is rumor we may get a release date for Cyberpunk 2077 but I highly doubt that cause CD Projekt is still hiring for it.

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Its done nothing but piss down rain for 2 weeks straight. Weve gotten more rain in 2 weeks than we’ve had in the past 5 years. Good thing i love the rain lol

Baked potato mode activeate :oregano:


Sounds very much like here, are you sure you haven’t moved to England XD

What a match :oregano: :cloud_with_rain: and baked :potato: lol

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sadly no potato. Lost them to the famine

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Need the sun.

(The Lazy) #26044

we get plenty of that. Now we even got enough rain for rice fields


RIP without potatoes gotta get baked yourself?