The movie and TV recommendation thread

Do you enjoy movies and TV shows? Are you looking for something to watch? This thread is for you.
The rules are simple:
State if you are looking for a film or a tv show
State what genre you are looking for
You can not request Japanese animation in this thread since we already have a thread for that. - I suggest manually adding the movies and tv you watched. It’ll take longer but it is safer that way.

canistreamit - This tells you where you can stream or digital rent and buy movies and tv shows.

Profiles for members:
wolfleben - [I’ll be adding stuff to mine cause I just started the account.]
TheDiddilyHorror -


Incomplete and the added shows imply watching all of it, so the time counter is off by a lot.

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I will add your profile link when I get home from work. For tv shows, you can go to them and just add the seasons or episodes you have watched that way. That’s how I did it for The Walking Dead because I stopped watching it after season 5

How the hell would I know how many seasons/episodes of Looney Tunes or Scooby Doo I watched in the 90s as a kid?

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Shrugs. The tricky bit with Scooby-Doo is that he had more than one show. I know I’ve seen all of Looney Toons. My parents had the whole series on VHS and they watched it with me.

That’s not the only one. Fortunately they put the posters and air date on it.

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Yeah. I also like that they have different versions of film on there. I added your profile to the main post.

Some aren’t really tagged properly on the poster page. 5x Twin Peaks.

Actual show
Pilot episode
Alternative/deleted scenes from the movie

In that order from left to right. The cover for the documentary doesn’t match, though.

Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. They even have fan made films which… alright that is a little weird. I enjoy fan films but including them in I jsut don’t know. If you or anyone else comes across a better tracking site for films and tv shows let me know. I’ll also be on the lookout.

I used one a couple years ago but I think it was discontinued (also pretty simplistic, too simplistic). For some time I used a program (Eric’s Movie Database) just so I can track them for myself. And for anime/manga MAL.

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I just remembered The Movie Database does tracking for Movies and TV Shows:

The catch on the movies is the don’t have different versions of films only the original theoretical cut. The Datatbase is well tagged and maintained. I’m going to start building my profile there and let you know.

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Report The Moviedb isn’t a viable option so TraktTV is what I’ll use.

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le bump

Actually that does remind, I’m working on a list of recommended films that people may not have seen and will be posting it here.

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I still need to catalogue my movies and shows. Kinda too lazy to do it with LibreOffice Base but a spreadsheet looks too plain.
Might look into installing Eric’s Movie Data Base again as it pulls the info from IMDB so I don’t have to fill in genre, release, actors, etc. myself.

The auto-detect is hit and miss, though.

edit: the stats are pretty neat. only added my blurays so far.

Blurays sorted by title

No. Title: Year: Dur: Genre(s):

43 [Rec] 2007 78 Thriller, Horror, Mystery
1 9 2009 79 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
2 30 Days of Night 2007 113 Thriller, Horror
3 2012 2009 158 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
4 American Psycho 2000 102 Drama, Crime
66 Batman: Assault on Arkham 2014 76 Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Crim
5 Batman: The Dark Knight Return 2012 76 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
6 Batman: The Dark Knight Return 2013 76 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
68 Batman: Under the Red Hood 2010 75 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
67 Batman: Year One 2011 64 Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
8 Blade Runner 1982 117 Thriller, Sci-Fi
9 Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 128 Horror
10 Brave 2012 93 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
11 The Brothers Grimm 2005 118 Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, F
12 The Chronicles of Riddick 2004 119 Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adve
13 A Clockwork Orange 1971 136 Drama, Sci-Fi, Crime
69 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatba 2009 90 Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Advent
70 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatba 2013 95 Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Advent
14 Con Air 1997 115 Action, Thriller, Crime
15 Coraline 2009 100 Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Anim
54 Corpse Bride 2005 77 Drama, Fantasy, Animation, Fam
107 Cowboy Bebop - Season 01 1998 24 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
108 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie 2001 115 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
16 Crank 2006 88 Action, Thriller, Crime
7 The Dark Knight 2008 152 Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
78 The Dead Pool 1988 91 Action, Thriller, Crime, Myste
96 Die Hard 1988 132 Action, Thriller
97 Die Hard 2 1990 124 Action, Thriller
98 Die Hard with a Vengeance 1995 128 Action, Thriller, Adventure
74 Dirty Harry 1971 102 Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
21 Django Unchained 2012 165 Drama, Western
22 Doomsday 2008 105 Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi
23 The Emperor’s New Groove 2000 78 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
76 The Enforcer 1976 96 Action, Thriller, Crime
18 The Fifth Element 1997 126 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
24 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Wit 2001 106 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
20 The Golden Compass 2007 113 Adventure, Fantasy, Family
100 A Good Day to Die Hard 2013 98 Action, Thriller
79 Hancock 2008 92 Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
80 The Hangover 2009 100 Comedy
55 The Hateful Eight 2015 187 Thriller, Drama, Crime, Wester
34 The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch 2008 108 Action, Thriller, Adventure
25 Hellboy 2004 122 Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantas
26 Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008 120 Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Advent
72 Hot Fuzz 2007 121 Action, Comedy
19 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parn 2009 123 Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
27 Inglourious Basterds 2009 153 Drama, Adventure, War
28 Insomnia 2002 118 Thriller, Drama, Mystery
81 Iron Man 2008 126 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
82 Iron Man 2 2010 124 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
83 Iron Man 3 2013 130 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
29 Jaws 1975 124 Thriller, Drama, Adventure
30 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005 103 Action, Thriller, Comedy, Crim
103 Kizumonogatari Part I: Tekkets 2016 64 Action, Horror, Comedy, Fantas
101 Kizumonogatari Part II: Nekket 2016 68 Action, Horror, Drama, Animati
102 Kizumonogatari Part III: Reike 2017 83 Action, Drama, Animation
31 Kubo and the Two Strings 2016 101 Action, Adventure, Fantasy, An
32 Kung Fu Panda 2008 92 Action, Thriller, Comedy, Adve
33 L.A. Confidential 1997 138 Thriller, Drama, Crime, Myster
99 Live Free or Die Hard 2007 128 Action, Thriller, Adventure
75 Magnum Force 1973 124 Action, Thriller, Crime, Myste
35 Megamind 2010 95 Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Animat
36 Mutant Chronicles 2008 111 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
37 New Police Story 2004 123 Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
38 Pandorum 2009 108 Action, Thriller, Horror, Sci-
39 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2009 91 Action, Comedy, Crime, Family
40 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: 2010 118 Adventure, Fantasy, Family
41 Pitch Black 2000 109 Horror, Sci-Fi
42 Planet 51 2009 91 Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Ani
44 Repo! The Genetic Opera 2008 98 Horror, Sci-Fi, Musical
45 Rise of the Guardians 2012 97 Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy,
46 Robots 2005 91 Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Ani
47 Shallow Ground 2004 97 Thriller, Horror
71 Shaun of the Dead 2004 99 Horror, Comedy
84 Sherlock Holmes 2009 128 Action, Thriller, Adventure, C
85 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Sha 2011 129 Action, Thriller, Adventure, C
86 Shrek 2001 90 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
87 Shrek 2 2004 93 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
89 Shrek Forever After 2010 93 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
88 Shrek the Third 2007 93 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
48 Sleepy Hollow 1999 105 Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
49 Spider-Man 2002 121 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
50 Spider-Man 2 2004 127 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
51 Spider-Man 3 2007 139 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
90 Star Wars: Episode I - The Pha 1999 136 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
91 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack 2002 142 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
92 Star Wars: Episode III - Reven 2005 140 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
94 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New 1977 121 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
93 Star Wars: Episode V - The Emp 1980 124 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
95 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return 1983 131 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fan
52 Strange Days 1995 145 Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-F
77 Sudden Impact 1983 117 Action, Thriller, Crime
53 Tangled 2010 100 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
105 That '70s Show - Season 01-08 1998 22 Comedy, Romance
17 The Thing 1982 109 Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery
56 Transformers 2007 144 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
57 Transformers: Revenge of the F 2009 150 Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
58 Tropic Thunder 2008 107 Action, Comedy
59 Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2010 89 Action, Horror, Comedy
106 Twin Peaks - Season 01-03 2017 60 Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Crim
60 Van Helsing 2004 131 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
61 Warcraft: The Beginning 2016 123 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
62 Watchmen 2009 162 Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
73 The World’s End 2013 109 Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy
63 Wreck-It Ralph 2012 101 Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, An
64 The X Files 1998 121 Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Myste
65 The X Files: I Want to Believe 2008 104 Thriller, Horror, Drama, Sci-F
104 The X-Files - Season 01-11 1993 45 Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Myste

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Some Brief Recommendations of Some Movies you should see at least once and Why:
The Seventh Seal
This is an early Black and White film. You’ve seen the riffs on playing Chess against Death right? Well this is the original film they got it from. It’s about someone trying to beat death. Good pacing. Good dialogue.

Mr Smith Goes to Washington
I’ve often been told I’m a lot like Mr Smith from this film. I’ve watched it several times. The tragic nature of this film is how true it is to this day.

Michael Collins
This is based on a true story. Liam Neeson as Michael Collins. Set in Ireland about a man fighting for his country and his quest for peace.

Have you ever wanted to see a dark superhero serious comedy staring Liam Neeson directed by Sam Rami?
This film is amazing to watch. There is a trilogy but the first one is the best.

Schindler’s List
This film is hopeful and tragic. It is also an important reminder how much good one person can do in times of darkness.

I know another Liam Neeson film. Look he is really good at acting and happens to be in a few of my favorites. The first Taken is the best one. Pacing, acting, music, stunts. It is a great action drama to watch.

Battle: Los Angeles
The most realistic alien invasion film. It isn’t great or bad. It’s just okay.

The Fountain
I actually tell people if they want to understand me they need to watch four films. This is one of the four. This film is a musical journey and hard core symbolism. I’ve watched this film once a year since it first came out.

Batman Returns
A lot of people recommend Batman 1989. I don’t see Batman Returns recommended alot. Batman Returns is a bit darker and sadder than the first. It is a very enjoyable film to watch though.

The Rocketeer
Created as a comic by the storyboard artist for Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s a modern classic pulp action film.

The Best Time Travel Film. Filmed on a shoe string budget of a little over $10,000, you get one of the most interesting time travel films I’ve ever seen. You might want to rewatch it a few times.

Blade Runner The Final Cut
So far this is the only best Cyberpunk Noir film. Mystery. Music. Set a standard so high that nothing has come close until the sequel.

Blade Runner 2049
I was worried about this film. How could they make a sequel? Well in way it is a standalone that takes place after the first film and touches upon elements of the first. I loved the fact it had a mystery of its own. Good solid film.

The best comic book film ever made. Karl Urban is Judge Dredd to the core. The film isn’t a pure adaption but it captures the essence of what Judge Dredd is. I’m sad we will never get a sequel but the production company that made this is teaming up with Rebellion to make Judge Dredd Mega City One which makes me very hopefully. You know what this film has that the majority of superhero/comic book films don’t:

  • Actual Plot that is easy to understand
  • Action you can follow
  • The story is just as much about Judge Anderson as it is about Judge Dredd
  • You understand the villian
  • It shows you what you need to know without explaining everything
  • Easy to rewatch and enjoy again

Some Brief Recommendations of Some TV Shows you should see at least once and why
I’m going to lay these out by genre

Pure Comedy

I Love Lucy
This is a classic comedy that does a lot right. There is slapstick, there is delivery, there is how the actors play off of each other.

A show about nothing yet it is pretty funny.

Drama Comedies

Frisky Dingo
If you’ve seen Archer you really need to watch Frisky Dingo. Space Alien fails to destroy the world and what happens after is amazing.

A spy who thinks he is the best at everything. The show has a lot of great moments and characters. It is fun to watch.

Dark Comedy

<M * A* S* H> I had to do it like this cause discourse is discourse.

This actors in the show use satire in its purest form to get through the dire situations they deal with on a daily basis. It is a classic and easy to rewatch.

Sci Fi

Sliders [Only Seasons 1 to 4]
This show hasn’t aged well. However the show is still good to watch. The cast is stuck traveling to a parallel earth each episode. They are trying to get home. Do not watch season 5 ever, it is terrible and a waste of time.

Quantum Leap
A man discovers how to travel in time by trading places with people during his timeline. It is an interesting concept and show to watch. Scott Bakula is great as Sam Beckett.

Original Battlestar Galactica [1979]
This show was ahead of its time. A group of humans on the run from killer robots. I do think even people who have only seen the new one should see the old one at least once.

The Remake Battlestar Galactica (2004) Seasons 1 to 2
Solid space drama. Really season 1 and 2 are the best of the new one. 3 and 4 were so so.

Charlie Jade
Detective investigates a missing girl. Ends up on a parallel earth. It has a Blade Runner vibe and feel to it. Plays out like a noir mystery and it is a nice slow burn. Only one season sadly.

The Original Twilight Zone Series
Many of the episodes are tragically still relevant. Rod Serling was ahead of his time and created one of the best science fiction series. There are many great episodes to watch. The series holds up well. One of my favorites.

Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise
Look I could cover each of these separately but it is easier to put them altogether. Growing up Star Trek was apart of my daily life. I catch the re runs after school on Thursday night on some local channel. I enjoyed the optimism, the adventure, the call the being better. I haven’t seen Discovery so I won’t judge it. Next Generation is my favorite. I do think Enterprise was never given a chance to be the amazing series it could have been.

This was my Star Trek for me. I love this show. John Crichton lost in space, far from home, aboard a ship of aliens. It was great.

This is my favorite quirky science fiction show. John Noble as Walter Bishop is part of the reason you should watch this. It has intrigue, good pacing, action, and good acting from all the actors. I know I’m being vague but I don’t want to spoil the wonder of the show just give it a chance.

Person of Interest
The best stealth science fiction show. CBS had no idea Person of Interest was a science fiction show yet the creator Johnathon Nolan subtitle from the first episode lays the ground work. Reese and Shaw are my favorite characters. I mean they are where I got part of my pen name from so yeah you should watch the show if you want to know why.

Comic Book Shows

The Incredible Hulk
This set a high bar for what a comic book show should be. This is the definitive version of the Hulk for me.

The first season is great, some of the other seasons are good or okay. I enjoy it for what it is now.

Batman the Animated Series
I never need to explain this.

Batman Beyond
" "

Justice League
" "
Justice League Unlimited
" "

Teen Titians
The real and best version.


13 seasons and still going. It covers a broad spectrum of genres. It is the beginning and the end. It has drama, horror, comedy. You really only need to watch Seasons 1 to 5 cause 5 is where it was planned to end. Everything after is extra and some of the extra is amazing. Its a good show to just have on.


Round 2 of Brief Recommendations of Some Movies you should see at least once and Why:

The Truman Show
This film is very simple but it tells an easy to understand story where the only real person is Truman. It is a film about free will. It is still relevant. How many Youtubers, Twitch Streamings, and Realty Shows have we had? A bit. The music for the film is powerful and fits the tone of each scene perfectly. Easy film to rewatch. One of Jim Carrey’s best film.

This is one of the four films I tell people they should watch if they want to understand me. This film is perfection. Aliens have arrived but they aren’t attacking…? A linguist goes to figure out what the intention of the Aliens are. The film is about communication, love, sacrifice, and going on despite what hardships lie ahead.

Mad Max Fury Road
This is also one of the four films I tell people they should watch if they want to understand me. Another perfect film. It is a two hour chase film. The music, the acting, the pacing, the story, everything comes together to make this film a masterpiece.

3 10 to Yuma - The Russel Crowe and Christian Bale one
Yes it is a western remake. However it is a really great one. Also the original scriptwriter for the original one also wrote this one as well, which is neat. The film is all about one man’s quest to deliver a prisoner to take care of his family. It’s a simple plot but the telling of the story is well done. The music for the film is also fantastic.

This is a very early Christian Bale film. Part 1984 mixed with Fahrenheit 351 mixed with gun martial arts. It is fun to watch it all unfold and the final arc of the film is great.

The original Swedish version The Girl with Dragon Tattoo and the two sequels
These films are proper noir films. Good mystery, suspense, acting, and story. They do come dubbed but the Swedish is what it was filmed in.

Batman Mask of Phantasm
This is considered by many to be the definitive best Batman film ever. Look it is good but no it isn’t the best Batman film.

The Dark Knight
This is the best Batman film no doubt. Heath Ledger’s Joker is brilliant and he stills ever scene he is in just like the Joker would.

The Land Before Time
Emotional film about dinosaurs… you only need to see the first one. For all that is holy never see the sequels.


I love Truman show and I grew up with all the Land Before Time films. Very excellent films that often get overlooked. Especially Truman show which shows what things can be like in a totalitarian state with algorithms and/or people controlling aspects of your life coming from a very tinfoil hat perspective. It also illustrates a lot of human nature in that free will is an extremely important part of what humans have utilized in order to succeed among other things.

I’d be able to expand on these ideas much more than this, however, I’ve drank quite a few rum (kraken) and cokes tonight so It may come off as slightly lacking and/or incoherent


The Big Lebowski kinda ended a bit dissatisfying. But I guess that’s in line with the rest of the movie. Live goes on.

Now rewatching Secretary for the x-th time. Despite the S&M thematic it’s rated 12+ here.
I know there’s a sequel to it but the reviews made me avoid it.