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The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

I had to walk two miles to collect the food plus you underestimate how lazy I am XD

Its a South Africa restaurant chain that specialises in peri-peri style chicken

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I’I super hyped for this, Project Borealis is gonna be insane if deliver on what they’ve planned and that gameplay is just 100% pure Half-Life already, can’t wait for the tech demo so I can really get a feel of it :smiley:

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I want nando’s…

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Nando’s is just some of the best chicken you can get :yum:, don’t think they have many in the US though, mostly just a couple on the east coast.

There is one in my city but fuck me if I can find it.

Do yall do many projects here?

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from time to time ye, I’ve done a couple that stand out such as my laptop power button mod, Windows Linux boot creator and some VFIO stuff among other things and there’s various other projects on the forum if you look around a little.

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As much as I enjoyed Borderlands 2… I have no plans to ever buy or play BL3. Why? I have my reasons.

Doom Eternal and the Wolfenstein Youngblood… yeah those are my jam. The soundtrack for Doom Eternal from the little we heard of it at e3 sounded like it built on what was done before and took it to the next level which I don’t know how… I mean DOOM 2016 is a bloody good soundtrack.

One thing I found weird the grunting of Doom Slayer when he got hurt…? was that in DOOM 2016? I don’t remember but I find that a bit weird.

Wolfenstein Youngblood is an intresting joint operation between Arkane Studio and Machine Games.
Arkane handled the level design. They make some great level designs. Like if you want to see some of their best level design go play Prey 2017. It is a smart level design game. Kinda Metrovania on space station in a way but no overwhelming.

I beat Dishonored 2. Now onto beating Destiny 2 Forsaken and then the DLC stuff… Also playing Warframe with a friend when I can.

Brief Sam’s Wasteland Within Update
I started an extremely rough draft for the outline of the 5th attempted rewrite draft 1.
Currently 22 Chapters… that could change depending.
You may be thinking this sounds longer than a novella… it probably will be.
I’ll be working out the details for the chapters this weekend and next.

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My PC matches the forum and lol.

Also Hi.
Having to be up at midnight on the weekends is … Odd. Can’t just sleep as at 0 have to be accounted for so is whatever.
In any case been playing various games. Killing all the things in AC rogue and whatnot. Still annoyed that Microsoft is so crap at software and I can’t play Forza horizon 4 now because windows. Oh well. I get my desktop again after July 4th so that’ll be nice… Not sure what I’ll do with the laptop (as the my parents coming down on the 4th was just kind of it happening to work out well, so they are also bringing my one rig). Maybe sell it and get a GTX 1080 or something and save the rest. Not sure yet.

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So Bitdefender was interfering with me receiving updates from Microsoft. I purged it from the system. I’m just going to stick with Windows Defender and go to sites I know are safe.

Shame to see Bitdefender go this way.


got black ops 1 again because zombies and i still remember how to solo, lol. and because i got the game on g2a i also got minecraft (windows version though, not the standalone one). so thats neat. also, mouse and keyboard is so much better for FPS games.

i guess now that i have minecraft i could do the server thing @Dje4321 if you still have that going.


We don’t currently but could probably start it back up again, may need to update to 1.14.2 though (or possibly a 1.14.3 pre-release as iirc 14.2 still has issues with entities and chunks disappearing)

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stayed up till 2am laying TNT and making a giant hole in the bottom of the map, and then made this because ???


Weird. So far all my mobile devices automatically connected to the 5GHz SSID if it was supporting it. But the Samsung tablet needed it split in the Ubiquiti AP settings (before 2.4GHz and 5GHz were under the same SSID, now I split it).

What tipped me off was the speed test showing only 45-50Mbps download while I know that my Motorola One Vision can get my ISP’s max speeds over 5GHz. Now that’s configured correctly I get the same speeds on the tablet.

It’s not as if 50Mbps are slow or not unbearable. It gets the job done (cause I used it since September 2017 with my phone), but why use less when I have the option to use something better?

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Guess I’m stuck inside for a while lol … It only started raining 15 mins ago and already standing water. Oh welll. I am like 150 miles away from tornado alley so I guess it’s to be expected.

Also HI.

edit: storm has kept going for an extra hour, wooo for flooding

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I always kept my SSIDs split for each band as otherwise could never be sure. 2.4GHz is mostly for legacy devices and 5GHz for everything else. Though technically I only have 5GHz myself under separate VLAN ids (one for main and the other with Nintendo DNS blocking



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Until recently all my devices only supported 2.4GHz. Are 4-5 year old devices really legacy already?

fitness related thing (if anyone cares… lol) … i was wondering how i got to 220lbs and then i remembered how much I’ve been working out since i got here (200ish pushups a day on my arm days, leg days, a whole bunch of randomness) and well… here i am now :smiley:

my ugly mug

for reference, i was 205lbs before basic.
after i get to phase 2 in a weekish I’ll start doing the Thor workout and see how that goes :smiley:

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at the rate tech advances I guess they kinda are, though I’ve got 5 year old devices that are still 5GHz and work fine today.

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Until I got the Motorola none of my devices even supported 5GHz, so for me it’s quite new. Same with USB Type C (although I don’t understand why they bothered using it with the 2.0 standard and not just made all Type C compatible devices 3.0/3.1).

Holy mother of storms lol

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